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Which no one needed anyway. The second part of the question. What did you guys make a deals. Debut npfl sean. I'll start with you. I was conflicted because obviously it was super impressive. Just the the the base fact of what she was able to do. I think was incredibly impressive. Right into your enemy debuted somebody something you've never done for some reason you're facing a brown belt in jitsu who primarily grappler long rangy person to can kind of keep you at bay with front kicks little bit. It was a very weird match making and that was i. Guess maybe where. I didn't enjoy that aspect of it because to me like i'm a guy grew up in pride. I grew up watching the pride style of matchmaking. And if this was pride you throw in with like overweight pro wrestler or like this half retired kickboxer and she comes in destroys the woman. And you have this highlight reel that you can just put on over and over again and she looks like a monster. And that's the way you you do them may debut in it. Everybody comes from it really impressed. That obviously wasn't this but it was still really impressive to just see her. Really just grit this out and pull off this. Come from behind win. It felt like poor. Britney elkin was really fading really hard and feeling the stress of the moment in the weight of the moment there in that third round. But i was incredibly impressed. Man i mean clarisa shields is still very far off from being any sort of a finished product and the idea that the dana white was towing a year or two ago. About throwing her in there with the man nudism. I'm actually very glad. Now that that didn't come to fruition. Because that would have. That wouldn't have been good for anybody except for a nunez but But she is impressive. She is really impressive. I don't know that she's going to be able to have time in the dedication to really make a true true run of it here in mma and and really become who she would have been if she had committed only to. emma obey. but i'm i'm really interested to see how far she can take this and how far she wants to take this. Because that was i mean you can't you can't knock was. She did in her debut. That was really really impressive. The i'm glad you brought up. The i don't know if she's going to have time. Because how long has she been jackson's like a couple like a while. Now right training while not a longtime just months. But she's she's had a. She's had a boxing match during her time at jackson's right i in the middle of training for mma. So she's trying to do both. It's going to be hard for her. She's doing is she's actually going to. Exe- was a high level kickboxer. I know i understand on the. Though i understand i is. He wasn't also all the sudden thrown into like this primetime spot. Espn for for his day. Like we're going to be hyper analyzing step. She takes yes and cl- clues to her. And i like this one of her phrases where she could quit boxing. She said for like a whole year she can take a whole year. I can't remember who she said. I saw clips. She's a whole year off just training and still go in there and beat everyone at women in her division women's boxing. She's a that's how much better she is a box. And so i think she is going to jump into a little bit more but it was weird. It was a weird fight for me Because i think Her opponent whose brown belt had her arm at one point she had double grips at one point. She just kind of hit the kumar's she could probably got that. But we're fight. We saw from clear seals casey. What are your thoughts. I'm going to disagree big time. Shaheen you said that was a weird match up. I completely disagree. That was that was that she was a handpicked opponent on purpose. Because i've known greg jackson four while if if they would've picked oh let's pick another boxer going into ma and say curses shows knocks her out and fifteen seconds. Thirty seconds from greg's point of even the coaches point of view that means they learn zero from that actually gets no experience. She goes okay. I i just did a boxing. Match of smog lifts by facing this opponent. Now she now she's faced she. Has she felt the pressure. Main event but an opponent that will give her a hard time and but somehow she would have to fight through and win the fight. She wanna greg's golden rules is where he coaches be being uncomfortable. And that's what i saw in congress shows when she was bad positions she she did not freak out. She did not just come. Try to buck out and you use energy and just burner arms out in the first thirty seconds which which you know essentially every white belt does. She didn't fight like a white belt. She felt like she she she like an experienced. Why belt and his that. She did got a to buy and since that she didn't burn herself out but she also recognize that. Okay i'm in position it's okay it's okay. And that's such a giant associate giant thing for fighter. Learn so form the coaches from shows point of view while you didn't get that ten second highlight knockout. I think you've got something so much better for the long term career and also back and just fighters careers in general the great fighters their first. Bytes i'm probably weren't that impressive either. They knocked him out and thirty six dollars. Learn to dc. I fight when he saw this he. His first fight was televised on showtime for strikeforce on a show exc- fight rando dude three no heavyweight and it was ugly fifteen minutes and i remember watching it was like all right and then but he needed so i thought it was a great perform at those a great debut and while it wasn't a big knockout we were hoping for. I think we got better. I don't know i don't know what you're talking about. Dc because he fought gary frazier and he ended up destroying the dude like eight minutes and it was super squats for finnish. You super super ugly. Because i i did it..

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