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Events. Welcome back to the second segment of. Let's ride i am jeff. Hartmann your host on this monday wednesday friday morning. Podcast and here we are we talking about what we've learned from the first two weeks of organized team activities. We've already talked about several We talked about nausea harris being legit. We talked about the participation. Not as being a lot better than expected then rothlisberger showing up looking good and being very candid. We talked about the offensive line being present gelling starting to get the the foundation bill of this new look offensive line and adrian klemm. He's the architect of it all. He's been impressive as well. Let's continue the rookies. The rookies are getting acclimated. And it seems like they're picking things up rather quickly. I can't say this for the entire nine players But for the navy the first the first five or six picks you see you hear you read a lot of players that are saying this players picking it up quick so whether it's najji harris already spoke about him pat fryer mus- he's a lot of people are saying he's doing a great job. Kendrick green is learning as he goes. And then you get into dan more buddy johnson and then even isaiah louder milk. The one player that everyone and i mean everyone when the steelers they were gonna trade a fourth round twenty twenty two. Pick to the miami dolphins to get into the fifth round in the two thousand twenty one draft. Everyone all right here. We go who they gonna get. We're excited in. The pick is isaiah louder. Milk from wisconsin. And we all win watt. Who why that's exactly what we said. And he's actually been getting some rave reviews to be honest. I can't hayward spoke about louder. Milk saying that he sees a lot of himself in lauderdale. That was honestly who louder milk was compared to when they drafted as karl. Dunbar the defensive line coach said that he saw a lot of cam heyward in him and he also mentioned that cam heyward. If you don't forget he needed some time to get himself ready to really blossom in the nfl. I guys ahah louder milk on that same path. But let's also from not forget folks. He's a fifth round draft. Pick cam heyward was a first round. Pick a little bit different. I'm just joking is a lot different. It's different but still. The rookies are getting acclimated presley. Harvard in the third that. Everyone's talking about kenny. Unseat the weasel boy that is jordan. Barry will see really kind of take me off marco. Bali athletic wrote that he could see jordan berry sticking around. And i'm just shaking my head. I'm thinking if presley can't do it. I i don't know but let's not talk about that. We're not talking about that now. Let's move onto the next one net canada's offense. We're starting to see mad. Canada put in that same foundation. I talked about adrian klemm and the offensive line. Now it matt canada's trying to build up his system you've heard from ben rothlisberger talking about how the verbiage of of this offense is going to be a little bit of a challenge. How it's going to be a really easy task to just all of a sudden up and learn a new system not that everything's going to be different but candidate does things differently. He is a coach that likes things done a different way than most quarterbacks are used to running. he's using a lot of pre snap motion. He's a lot of different formations. It's just different. It is different. So it's going to be a challenge for someone like rothlisberger who's been in the league for a really long time but it's also going to be a challenge for everyone involved in regards to the fact that they're trying to get a feel for what canada wants to do. We all have these kind of i. Guess i want to say there's these players like jalen. Samuels is a good example. Everyone says he's going to be cut. Well how do we know he's going to be cutting this offense especially someone that played for candidate. Nc state and actually did really well with candidate like an hp. He has a role for him that we have now been seen before so mad candidate starting to put everything together. The wide receiving group has talked about what they expect from The offense as well the different formations the motions and they seem to be ready. I mean this is james. Washington spoke chase. Claypool spoken to the media nature all saying like a. It's going to be different but it's nothing. We can't handle so that canada's offense is definitely something that everyone media fans and i think even some players are excited to just trying to get out there and say let's see what this thing looks like. Let's see if it is as good as we all hope it is all right. We got some players back. The pittsburgh steelers saw players like devin bush and zach. Banner both suffered torn. acl's last season. It was week one for zach. Banner i believe it was week. Four could be wrong Where we saw devon bush go down with the tourney seattle. They're back they're back and they're slowly getting back into game shape. I know zach. Banner talked about wearing a having to get comfortable with it. It doesn't mean that those setback is just something he has to get used to also zach. Banner talked about how the steelers organization has already told them. We're going to have to ease you into this thing. We don't want to just let you go. He said i feel a dog on a leash. I'm ready to go motivations. Not a problem. I really want to get started. But they're telling me like hey we got easy back. Let's ease back ease back. So that's something that zach banner and devin bush are going to have to focus on because they are very important pieces of the steelers puzzled Respectively on their side of the football in other words devon bush is so important in the on the inside of that defense. They need him to be healthy. They need him to be one hundred percent when week. One rolls around likewise banner. They and they gave him a new contract. They they're saying that. Hey you're right. Tackle kenny garden perform can well. We don't know honestly if you can go out and perform but if he does go out and perform he needs to do it on a healthy knee that they're playing it smart at this point. They're playing it smart but it's good disease. Act banner endeavour bush those back out there after having injuries severe injuries. Everyone's had everyone's been banged up. I'm sure rothlisberger with the lower body stuff last year. That's all in the past after you get time to heal but those those are major injuries. Major injuries are in the last bit of news. I guess gonna call dad is. Let's keep in mind. That is football and shorts. I've been very outspoken. In regards to saying football in shorts is better than no football. And i still believe i still stand by that. I would rather read about nausea harrison pressing in shorts and a jersey and a helmet rather than i would reading nothing. That's just the way that i am. I'm sure there's a lot of you out there listening wherever you are. You're the same way. But at the same time. I'm going to use a quote or not equivalent of paraphrase bob lab oriola of steelers dot com said about football shorts. In other words. He remembers watching a young dri archer as a rookie on the field being absolutely mesmerized by his speed in his agility during ota's and then we all saw what happened once the season started unless archer had nothing but space in front of him. He just was not capable of doing anything. He wasn't as a return man. He didn't even do much there. He was taken down very easily in a lot of people have said they feel like Anthony mcfarland second year. Running back out maryland is of the same ilk as archer. I'm not gonna say that. I'm not gonna go that far. What i am going to say though is let's keep in mind is football and shorts is just that football insurance so when i talk about najji harris being legit. That's what i started the show off with. I started the first segment with najji harris being legitimate unbelievable player. I talk about things that are tangible his conditioning his knowledge his football..

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