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Once they found out what was the catnip found out they were actually he's actually manipulated by the two robot ai do both from the right because they cute other other cavs at die now we haven't recap pixar of of walli but now because we have the illusion of the debt art is not a how to handle and i wanted to keep everybody the ship space people in question stop questioned why i think so have no so dangerous so so we can't be people on the ship we have to question why we have to be curious we also came just rely on machines and robots in tagme phones are phone smartphones this to do everything force we have to like pockets be human tonight curious i am so bummed because we're actually about to wrap up and i want to do part two so that man i am so grateful to have been having these conversations can just any kind of any this highcaste with this episode at least with that last team involved keep asking why right because we got we we've established our perception are magic nation our choice in the vale that happens right in between right before choice but in order to create sorry my nor to create that environment have one tool in your box and it's to ask why right as all of our listeners know we end every episode also with exact same question you make it as long as you want.

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