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That's what this middleclass tax relief helps to address and importantly that's what this progrowth part helps to address because you're gonna see higher wages and units he'd better benefits if you give this kinds of tax relief to the american worker because you're going to see more investment you're going to see more productivity the comes from that and you're gonna see higher wages i believe that but what i believe is nesin portent as what others believe a hundred and thirty seven economists many of these are nationally known economists have looked at the progrowth parts of this legislation the parcel i'm talking about that makes us competitive again and they said economic growth will accelerate if this legislation passes leading to more jobs higher wages and a better standard of living for the american people they say they'll be a million new jobs in this country just because of this i think that's really important as important as the tax cuts for the middle class and they are important and again those tax cuts primarily go to folks who were in the middle class and that's appropriate equally important to me is the get this economy moving in a way that people can have the opportunity to get those higher wages and better benefits the congressional budget office did a study showed that seventy percent of the benefit of getting that corporate tax rate that is going to go to workers in terms of salaries and benefits some say it's less than that some states more than that given hassid who is the chairman of the council economic advisers it's more than that the point is it's going to help these workers and it's about time that we help them it's the present there's been a lot of discussion about the process here tonight and i understand the frustration and as a member of the united states senate you know sometimes i feel like frustration is well but i will say that this legislation hr one which is the vast majority of the papers that were held up a moment ago this is the legislation you matic committee it's the vast majority of the pages has been on this website called budget dot senate dot.

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