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Your host. Dan Bongino Casino Ladies Gentlemen. It's very very busy. News Friday but on a very somber and sincere note from the Dan. Bongino show me. Obviously Dan Bongino my wife and my entire family. I just got back from my grandmother's funeral. Yesterday flew back last night to get this show out on Friday because I love my audience and my grandmother was worker. One thing she doesn't want anybody skip work so they had tipped to you. Grandma thank you to everyone all our listeners who sent just unbelievable emails letters. DM's facebook messages messages and to the listeners. Who sent flowers to the wake for my grandmother? After tell you folks I was stunned my wife and I we got a call from the funeral home yesterday. Some of them arrived came. Came in a little late after we'd left but we had taken him with us over to the cemetery and it was just amazing. You all are just touched my life. I I think in a way that unfortunately my words. I wish I was more eloquent with them. I cannot state how deeply impactful this audience and everyone. This is why I'll never never shut down my email to the audience. I know some host that I love hearing from you. You all are just really amazing. Thank you so much. Thank you for your patience with me. This week to that Tom Fitne- interview yesterday. You blew up at went. Crazy did did better listenership some of our regular show you all the great so from the bottom iheart thank you welcome to the Dan. Bongino show producer. Joe Fine Sir. Thank you for your extra support this week to. You've always been integral part of the show. I appreciate you helping us out this week as well. You're a good man. My friends welcome my friend and welcome back. It's good you're back because it's.

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