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The key to reducing the stress and anxiety is to keep the lines of communication open my goal is always to invite all of as much of both the healthcare team and family team as i'm able to because then we have the most success of actually making some improvement for mayo clinic radio i'm vivian williams now bucked a nate shelman on newstalk six seventy kboi middleton mayor darren taylor is joined burner and saying no to bullying but don't want people boeing people and we'd like that to be prohibited and the penalty to be a citation city council request of the the city staff repair a a law that would prevent anyone from bullying anyone else anywhere the put so official was in the heroes in middleton i think and i'm bullying you travis do do i get a citation we're all because we're in boise is this the sowa the hero smell okay so if we do the show from middleton i can't believe there you like this oh you really like this i was tubewells three of you ever get to learn how to use the machinery correctly wow i i don't know if i like it i know while you like it i i understand fully why you like you don't like book i don't like bullying either what is it come to a point where the best way to curb bullying in school is for the school resource officer to write a ticket a citation i mean i see citation for bullying and that's all shoot man i mean that there's their citations were for parking in a in a parking where you're not supposed to that that jaywalking okay a bully is one of those things were you want to stop but should the local community charge for it the what happens if you get three citations are you for bullying but three citations at a thirteen year old goes to jail three citations in the end we put the 12yearold and jubi for bullying yes joy three three six thirty seven hundred pound six seventy unauthorized wireless phone one eight hundred five two nine kboi.

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