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Search free lunch It is 1228 on what is turning into a busy Sunday afternoon So let's start with traffic with Robb stallworth in our traffic center Oh yeah let's have some fun folks if you're in Virginia Westbrook I 66 leaving netley street headed toward one 23 The crash is before one 23 in blocking the left and right sides of the roadway you may only have a single lane getting through westbound on I 66 leaving the beltway headed toward one 23 Otherwise eastbound 66 enjoying a decent ride as you leave Gainesville headed in toward roslin traveling at this point in fairfax station southbound on one 23 the ramp to northbound fairfax county Parkway last report that off ramp was blocked as a result of the crash we believe that's completely wrapped up the guard and travel lanes are open No problems for now on I 95 if you're headed southbound leaving the Springfield interchange headed toward Quantico north and I 95 seeing some slowdowns as the snow comes in as you make your way past us in a port Parkway headed toward garrisonville but traveling to our open so use caution there otherwise no problems when I three 95 up to and across the 14th street bridge Leesburg parked near George Marshall drive the farmers market was in place on certain if that is still there personal Bill burlin turnpike near John wolford road we had the report of a gas leak in that location uncertain if that is still there or not If you're in Maryland looking pretty good on the beltway through Montgomery and prince George's counties no problems went to 70 I 95 remains clear as you leave at this point the capitol beltway headed toward the Baltimore beltway I 70 eastbound listener updates before route 29 and elegant city the left lane is blocked for a pickup truck that lost its drive shaft balance stay tubers on scene to shield that particular situation traveling 50 westbound inside the beltway near two O two landover road that's a report of the crash used caution there Rob stallworth traffic Thanks rob Let's get another look at this coming storm with Steve pritzi valley Which are weather advisories are posted for the greater D.C. area winter storms for our northern western suburbs as snow arrives and it will accumulate quickly this.

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