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It to us and actually the person providing this story is a listener in Colorado Charles tex Watson was just a young guy from Texas in nineteen sixty nine when he came under the spell of drugs in Charles Manson and help to kill seven people Watson attended cal state Los Angeles but dropped out less than half a semester later got a job selling weeks and begin living it up in the party scene of Los Angeles one fateful evening he was driving home and picked up a hitchhiker in Watson's words takers were pretty common on Sunset Boulevard and I pull over to pick one up when he told me his name was Dennis Wilson didn't mean anything to me but when he said he was one of the beach boys I was impressed we'll send the beach boys drummer then directed Watson to his home on Sunset Boulevard in the Pacific palisades area of Los Angeles Watson was shocked when he pulled up in the living room watching found a man sitting on the floor with his guitar surrounded by six young women he looked up Watson later recalled and the first thing I felt was a sort of gentleness in embracing kind of acceptance and love another man at the house introduce them this is Charlie Charlie Manson on August ninth nineteen sixty nine under the direction of Charles Manson Watson in three other Manson girls murdered pregnant actress Sharon Tate and four other people and Benedict canyon Manson girls Susan Atkins later recalled Watson waking up a victim in the living room whispering I am the devil and I'm here to do the devil's business the following night Manson accompanied the previous night's killers and supervise the murder of two more victims in Los felis these murders considered some of the most gruesome and shocking in American history tex Watson stayed in Los Angeles for almost two months before fleeing to Texas where he was arrested it is those two months following the Manson murders with this story from our listener in Colorado picks up here's Patty kings Baker this story happened in nineteen sixty nine I had graduated from high school in Miami and moved out to California to live with my brother who was living in Los Angeles at the time it was the sixties my brother it was ten years older than me so we kind of felt like we had really grown up and different generations and our ideals and he was a little worried about me being happy and maybe going down the wrong path him at this time in my life so I had been in Los Angeles four year had gotten know a few people and you know was doing the things that kids in the sixties did you not one of the days I was with a friend of mine and I'm not sure why I was hitchhiking either I didn't have a car yeah it was kind of probably right after I got there but we had hitchhiked from the valley San Fernando Valley over to the beach and when my brother heard about it he lost his mind and he was like no no you were not hit anyway so I visually got a car and you know it was a time when things were just more open and in a lot of people were hitchhiking in the you know we pick people up you know was just what happened but this one night I had been over in Malibu with some friends and I was coming back into the valley and I was coming through to paying a canyon and when I made the turn off Pacific coast highway there was this guy it was raining it was like to rent shell raining and there was this guy on the side of the road and so I pulled over eight he was out there in the middle of this rain storm and be that's just what we did back then so I pulled over but as soon as he opened the door and got in my car it just got sick feeling eight it was I don't know why evil is I don't know what it is but I felt I was scared I was absolutely scared and I was like I knew right then I had made a mistake letting this guy in my car but there is nothing I can do he's there so we're driving through depend came out and mean in in this trench all rain and there are mud slides on the road I'm scared I'm having to go much slower than I would have gone through the canyon I'm just thinking god get me to the other side of this came in he was going to receive that I remember that and I lived in Woodland Hills which is another part of the San Fernando Valley but I just wanted to my card and he was trying to engage me in conversation and I was just like I finally just said you know I really can't talk I can't talk I really just need to concentrate on the road and my driving I just can't talk I with I've never felt anything like that before so we got to the other end of Tang came in I just pulled over and I said I'm really sorry but I'm going a different direction and I need to leave you here but and he was like okay and he got out and the reason no incident I mean there's nothing nothing bad happened but it was just that feeling just stuck with me and I was just like I didn't get it it was a few months later that I picked up the paper one day and on the front the paper where the pictures of the Manson family and the guy who was in my car that night with tax what needless to say I will never picked up another hitchhiker ever that was enough that night just that feeling tired me not to do that and there's been times I've passed people that I think all that I just have never been able to bring myself to do it that's a heck of a hitchhiker story picking up tex Watson one of the worst killers and murders of all time and she could feel evil I don't know her walk of faith Walker whether she is a person of faith or not but boy we've all come in presence of evil we know it we could feel it and all we want to do is fully many kings Baker's story a great listener story a really awful hitchhiker story here on our American store hello I my kindle the adventure my pillow for the longest time I wanted to come out with the world's most comfortable bed sheets but up until now I haven't been able to find anything that held up to my high standards I finally found the bells cotton in the world in a region where the say here a 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