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Diamond, think diamonds think. Nobody pays retail anymore. Why should you? Visit Murphy's Donovan dot com. If you spend more time with your foot on the brake pedal, then on the gas pedal, maybe you need to spend more time with us. The WTO traffic team tells you where the problems are. There's a three car crash on the beltway. Traffic updates every ten minutes on the 8s around the clock. Only on WTO P news, everything you need every time you listen. Adjust the way you look tonight. You're with dean lane, on WTF. People are surprisingly actually visit when a cabinet discounter 7 showrooms. They expect kitchen and bath displays, but didn't know we manufacture ports and grand countertops and offer accessories tile backsplashes and flooring. I cabinet discounters dot com. You'll see libraries, entertainment centers, wet bars, fireplace around, hutches, and offices we've created. All now for free consultation of an experienced designer. Check it out at the cabinet discounters dot com. We push up when there's not enough coffee in all of Washington to get you going. You've got John and Michelle. Mornings on WTO P news You're listening to WTO pneumo. The Jewish holiday known as porum is underway. It's a holiday full of joy giving and miracles shared on this day the story of Queen Esther, who helped save the Jewish community in Persia from an evil plot sometime in the 5th century BCE. The ancient kingdom of Persia was ruled by a powerful capricious, often drunk king named Akash beros. He had this evil adviser named haman who plotted to kill all the Jews of the kingdom, but what Heyman didn't know is that the king's wife was secretly Jewish. And he come the Nick of time some in the bravery to foil this evil adviser's plot. That's rabbi Aaron Miller with the Washington Hebrew congregation. Holiday traditions include getting dressed up in costumes, giving out baskets of goodies to loved ones and neighbors and giving charity or

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