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Right. Happy friday. We're glad you're with a lot of ground to cover today. Right down on toll free telephone number. You want to be a part of the program. How many times has the news media in this country? Now in the last two years gone. Absolutely crazy, hysterical and insane. We got him. We got him. Well, it's happening again today. I won't tell you this whatever remarkable week this has been in so many different ways in terms of the exposure of the deep state. And are they connected. I'll let you decide on your own if they are or not. But what did we learn this week? We learned that we have the FBI director at the time James Komi, we learned in the last two weeks. We learned that the second that he's fired that a group of the upper echelon upper class of the FBI not rank in files special agents field agents that do a great job every day, but the upper echelon, it's always the same character. Same names keep running into each other all through. Throughout all of these different issues that we have been discussing now for in some way, shape, matter or form two years, especially Russia. Russia Russia, and we now find we see I that his deputy director Andrew McCabe is now under a criminal official criminal investigation. We learned this week that his general counsel is under a criminal investigation. We learned that when Komi was fired that out of whole cloth. These these agents and top DOJ officials. Remember, we have over twenty five of them that have been fired demoted resigned in disgrace. And we have barely touched the surface. We now the new attorney general now the inspector general still out in the field Michael Horowitz looking into Fiso abuses. And we've learned an awful lot this week. And then we got the big bombshell of the week. And the bombshell is is that. Oh, wait a minute. Bruce or warned everybody that what became the bulk of information for the FIS applications that he warned everybody in the upper echelon in the FBI that this was a political document paid for by Hillary Clinton put together by a Trump hater Christopher Steele paid for by Hillary and that it is questionable at best. Not verified not corroborate each said this to them in August. And then they still knowingly present they downplayed Hillary didn't mention that Hillary bought and paid for these phony Russian the irony here phony Russian lies, they didn't. They didn't tell the FIS judges in the FIS application that's fraud conscious fraud committed against the corporate more importantly, they had all been warned that this was a political document dubious at best since the bunked in many ways. Interestingly BuzzFeed, I printed a lot of the dossier. When you read it, you can you laugh at it, actually, it's so outrageous in its content. But it became the bulk of information, according to newness and the the Grassley Graham memo's when the investigations have been ongoing, and then months, even after they've been warned they still never verified it. They never corroborated it. This is Jim commes FBI Jim Komi sign that first phase of Warren. Application to the best of his ability. He's signing as a career law enforcement official top FBI director, Mr. integrity, Mr. character himself. He's signing that this is verified, accurate and true. And then in January even tells then President-elect Trump, well, it's salacious and it's unfair fide. Him and briefing him about some salacious and unverified. Material. It was in the context of that. He had a strong and defensive reaction about that not being true in my reading of it was it was important for me to assure him. We were not personally investigating him. Oh, we're not personally investigate. But he had already signed the Fiso warrant Carter page Trump campaign associate. And that is the big big big news of the week here. Because what it means if the law is followed that means that anybody that never verified corroborated and was warned it's a political document that Hillary paid for it and signed off on not telling the FIS court in their FIS applications, the judges this as they're applying for the warrant, and that's somebody's constitutional rights. And they didn't tell them that. It's not verified a corroborated just to get it. Then that is all of those people would be subject to serious felony fraud against the Pfizer court judges in every instance, now, why would it surprise you? When we know it's the same people that exonerated Hillary without the investigation that was watching media today in the hysteria breakout about this BuzzFeed. The report, and we'll get to that the second here when watches I'm thinking penalty in a little bit to myself because all and one other key thing we learned this week. I've got to get this out to we know also the key Justice department officials, including Andrew Weissmann. That's molars pit bull that they knew about the dossier being Russia information. Remember the supposed to be about Russian influence in the two thousand sixteen election, and they knew in August twenty sixteen and that at some point Andrew Weisman. The number one guy under Muller with the worst track record, which would to me you always said that this is a witch hunt. Because of you know, only Democrats and even Hillary Clinton's attorney is hired to be part of Muller's group and struck in pager part of Muller's group and struck in page when they're exposed as being huge trumpeters gets rid of them quietly and takes their phones and zaps them clean. Which never should have been done. But even they knew about Russian interference. Remember that information bought and paid for in that dossier was that was released to the American people and leaked at a many many different forms. A why was the information leaked to damage Donald Trump and help elect Hillary the same people that exonerated Hillary? At least one of them writing the exoneration in may interviewing her in July is Peter Struck saying that Hillary should win a hundred million two zero and then launching immediately thereafter Trump Russia investigation. But yet being warned according to the testimony re released this week Bruce source said, no you can't trust this at all. But then you have it gets worse. Not only did Muller and Muller's team never investigate this aspect of the Russian influence in the election. We now find out that Bruce or was the conduit for Christopher Steele. Christopher Steele fired for lying in leaking. And Christopher Steele is still. In touch with the fourth highest ranking member of the Justice department, and he's feeding him information saying, hey, did you get it over to Muller and Muller's team yet have you heard back from them and then after the firing a Komi out of whole cloth? They sit around and say well wonder about Vladimir Putin somehow told Trump to fire Komi with no evidence, no probable cause. Nothing a conspiracy built out of nothing. And that's what we've learned this week that is the deep state, and I'm telling you, if the attorney general the new attorney general William bar does his job if Horowitz the inspector general does his job. Their job is to follow the law apply. The law equally to everybody not play politics. Equal Justice under the law equal application of our laws. If there was fairness in the Muller investigation. They would have been all over why did Hillary pay? For these Russian lies. Why were they disseminated to the American people before an election? How were they possibly used to obtain a warrant of Fiso art, the most difficult to get based on a dossier that everybody knew was hers and Russian and never verified? He would have gotten all of these issues, but he didn't. But Muller's team knew about the dossier new the author of the dossier knew the guy was fired knew the guy had a anti-trump bias knew that Hillary paid for it. And didn't do a thing didn't lift a finger that doesn't show you in any way, they didn't care about Russia collusion at all. It's all because you've got this team that exonerated Hillary when she should have been indicted. When do, you know, the big talking point all Democrats today is about this could be obstruction of Justice? Michael Cohen Michael Cohen is is now saying Donald Trump directed him told him to lie about the contacts about Trump Tower in in Russia. Now in other words to say it didn't that that the discussions ended in January twenty sixteen when in reality they ended in June of two thousand sixteen that's that's what the contact is. And somehow, you know, that that the president directly Michael saying that the president directly told him to suborn perjury and say that it really ended in in January and not June. When in reality it ended, and I'm thinking, I'm watching the Democratic Party. They hated Michael Cohen. Now, they love him. Because he seems to be on their political side in there. Go the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And I'm thinking as I'm listening to this. You know, Michael cone is sadly because I knew the guy in the newest family going to jail for lying to congress lying on loan applications and not paying his taxes. And so and then I'm watching Democrats. It's laughable at the end of this week with all these huge deep state developments the Democrats in congress there hysteria. Again, this is for the nine hundred time, you know, about President Trump based on the claims of Michael cone. Now Michael cone does and I would not recommend it for them. It's up to him. He goes before congress, and Jim Jordan is going to question him. And all these other Republicans are going to question them, and they're going to say, which Michael Cohen, should we believe? Now, I can dismantle the credibility of all this in about thirty seconds. But if you sue for the moment that even BuzzFeed nailed this story down, although reporters of the story are giving out conflicting. Stories about whether they seen the information or not, you know to law enforcement officials, they say confirmed it, obviously this is a special counsel leak. But Robert Muller now has what a serious verifiable evidence that Donald Trump ordered Michael Kona light, a congress, which are democratic friends insists is unbelievable case of obstruction of Justice. You know, because the first question has to be since when has Democrats started caring about obstruction? Because the biggest slam dunk case of obstruction of Justice. If we have equal Justice and equal application of our laws is Hillary Clinton. Subpoenaed emails, and then of course, the deletions the bleach bit the hammers or Bill Clinton, literally Monica Lewinsky signing a false affidavit before pressuring Betty Currie. His secretary the time it's a line of the FBI never mind that he later perjured himself during grand jury testimony. So Democrats now all of a sudden and their media cohorts? They're tied at the hip, you know, they support Clinton's impeachment. Of course, not they trash Republicans who try to hold Clinton accountable for his one man crimewave, Hillary Clinton ordered the deletion of subpoenaed emails it happened. Those were har- emails if you delete if you bleach bit you destroy your devices that are subpoenaed it's never gonna work out. Well for you. And if you pay for a Russian dossier that and then it gets spread to the American people before an election, and it's not verified or corroborated, and they know Hillary paid for it. And they present it to a court falsely committing a fraud. That's not gonna work out. Well for you. And that's what's so fascinating about watching. What I call. The biggest information crisis in the country's history journalism is dead. This is all agenda driven. And it's gonna be another debunk story by sometime next week as it usually is I gotta take a I bring a lot more to get into the extremism of those that are taking part in the women's March. Tomorrow information, you won't get anywhere else. We're going to get into that in great detail, the new radicalism of the Democratic Party. And what a big problem that is for Nancy Pelosi. But I listen if you are a lover of the second amendment responsible gun owner, you know, about our friends at the USCCA while they now have a another gun giveaway. 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