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Live from NPR News. I'm Nora Rahm. A new Congress convenes Sunday. On Wednesday. Both the House and the Senate will meet in joint session when the electoral college votes are counted. Certify that Joe Biden is the next president. Some House Republicans say they'll object. 11. Senate Republicans plan to join them. NPR's Tamara Keith has more. What the senators say is that there have been a lot of allegations of election fraud. Now, these senators don't actually say that they believe these allegations are true. They just say there have been a lot of allegations and in fact, there have been a lot of allegations false allegations from the president of the United States, whose denying the outcome of the election which to be clear is that he lost But they say that there should be a public debate about this, in part because so many Republicans believe what the president is saying NPR's Tamara Keith. Vice President Mike Pence, is to preside over Wednesday's session for the formal count. His office issued a statement Saturday that the vice president welcomes the efforts of members of the House and the Senate. He used their authority to raise objections and bring forward evidence. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University now say that Cove in 19 deaths in the U. S are more than 350,000 greater by far than any other country in the world. Florida governor Rhonda Santa says, moving ahead with plans to vaccinate those 65 older instead of reserving it for a health care in front line workers from member Station W. L R N Veronica's Sarah go via reports. The decision to bypass CDC recommendations means that people like police officers, teachers, supermarket employees and transit workers. Will not yet get vaccinated against Cove in 19 hospitals in counties did not receive instructions on how to inoculate people 65 older or whether they must be state residents. That's led to confusion across the state. In some areas, seniors have set up chairs to wait in line overnight for a vaccine. Others have tried getting appointments through phone lines and websites that crashed quickly to sentence has consistently ignored federal guidelines during the pandemic, like choosing not to enforce masks. For NPR News. I'm it only costs are ago via in Miami. India is testing its cove in 19 vaccine delivery system ahead of an ambitious immunization program expected to begin this month. This metal particles more authorities across India are checking all aspect of the vaccination program from transportation to monitoring any adverse effects. India is said to get a formal vaccine approval soon. Export ban and cleared the AstraZeneca vaccine for emergency use in India on Friday. The regulators are also reviewing the Fizer vaccine and another by an Indian company. Sushi me to partake Reporting from Mumbai. This is NPR news. New social distancing restrictions are in effect in New South Wales, Australia's most populous state as it reports of fresh outbreak of the coronavirus mask wearing is required an indoor events and new social distancing standards are in effect. Violators will be fined in Canada, a nonprofit group is calling for military intervention to help control outbreaks of the coronavirus in Ontario is long term care homes. In carpet shark reports. Natalie Mirrors the executive director of the Ontario Health Coalition, she says options are few and there are so many long term care homes with rapidly growing outbreaks. It's estimated that nearly 30% of all the provinces, long term care homes are experiencing an outbreak. Hero says the numbers of dead are growing in hospitals are overextended. As of Thursday, there were more than 1200 people in hospitals with covert 19 337 of them in ICUs. During the first wave of the pandemic. The military was deployed to seven of the homes in Toronto. Report by the military led to an independent commission to look at the disproportionate spread of covert 19 in the facilities for NPR news. I'm Dan Carp in Chuck in Toronto. The FBI is looking for anyone who may have received materials from Anthony Warner. Leave responsible for an explosion in downtown Nashville on Christmas morning. Special agent Jason Pack says investigators believe Warner had sent out materials about his views. Acquaintances throughout the country. They're trying to find out why he blew up his RV, killing himself and injuring several others. Dozens of buildings were damaged. I'm Nora Rahm NPR news. Support for NPR Thomas from NPR stations..

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