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Okay. So let's talk food and drink food and drinking Lisburn is in my experience. Fantastic. He got to know where to go I suppose a four, avoid the touristy places like I mentioned. That goes for anywhere in the world seafood fish and meat as well. I'm very affordable if you manage to find out of normal everyday neighborhood restaurant, incredibly good value the two nights that we were there we ate out. We paid for basically three calls meal and a bottle of wine something like that. He five euros really fantastic mine. Good. But. In terms of what you're gonNA find commonly on offer. So called back allow. Everyone dry salted card. Millions of ways of preparing it. You a buck, allow a brush with his shredded with onions and eggs and potatoes. Commonly found up in the body. Alto, you quite simply just have grill court. You'll have all types of fish. Tuna monkfish Saudi grilled very simply with `tatoes and solid is very common. Main course you'll find octopus Shuna shrimp clams and snails as well. Snails a quite popular but one of my favorite preparations of the evac allowed is the crocodile. Basically, unlike Spanish croquettes excuse ones made we'd like a special source inside but they're made with potatoes. Mashed potato flaked back allow caught flake tuned mix with Parsley, garlic salt and pepper, and then sometimes I coated in ICA breadcrumbs and fried absolutely delicious delicious net. You find them lots of hole in the wall kind of places around the city just to take away. Sort of little tap pass almost you can find them no restaurants but some restaurants will offer them as a starter or is this snack to go with a drink I would highly recommend trying it would be remiss of me not to mention the PASTELLE THEY NATTA? Or the Space Benneteau pastiches the plural postal they not. In the singular these are the famous egg custard tarts -solutely. Wonderful. Very addicted there. Yeah. It cost tossed. So actually been to the Catholic monks, the state of the those shown Emot- in Milan. Famously. Served since eighteen thirty, seven in ANTIGA compete career they bellum and you can find them everywhere in the city today absolutely everywhere so that Chris Puff Pastry missed spilled with custard cream baked until the golden. Then they dusted with cinnamon most famous place to try them. As I said, is the Pasta de Belem which has been going since eighteen, thirty seven. Interestingly, the origin behind the pastiche was the nuns amongst us to use egg whites to staunch their clothes. So the quite stops that Claes hence, they always had loads and loads of headaches leftover. Addition I ordered one evening when we ate out in his beautiful little restaurant up in the valley. Was a dish called face Wada face water is a skew of beans beef and pork notch. I didn't really know what it was until I. Basically just said to the guy in the restaurant. What would you recommend? Is the most delicious thing. Many what would you order and he said to me all you must. You must try the phase weather and wow. This is really huge portion really heavy stew of beans beef pork. They also throw in like blood sausage and basically Portuguese version of Theresa, which is jewelry so Cook Taylor and low heat from time. Wow. It's so labor. So I was absolutely blown away by this this served with a side of rice and disobeys excited. But absolutely delicious Berry Hardy probably more of a winter dish. If I'm honest I was absolutely stuffed in food camera of eating it but it was so flavor sunlight just couldn't stop myself. So the face Wada, it reminded me a lot of the Prada you find in the north of Spain and also reminded me slightly off the Costea the Madrileno the St that we get here Madrid over his son is something that you would only really wyndhams. Maybe onto drink the thing which is very typical in Lisbon very specific to Lisbon is this little tipple. Little Cherry Cure Code Jinja. defined a Lisbon and it's a little cherry cure said, served a little shot glasses sell in various kiosks around the city or holy war bars. Sometimes, it sources served in a little chocolate cops drink than a little cherry to cure, and then you eat the chocolate up as well. Many step to. Do. Try It. It's it's an acquired taste. I guess I like it so. I think carrying the Senate. Reminded her of. Cough medicine. In fact, while we were there, we went to the home, the birthplace of Ginger, and here's a little bit of audio recorded where. I'm standing outside a place called. Gene? Has Jinya some locals describing having a quick shot now time to a hole in the place. Engineer is Cherry to cure and you can order. With Whole Cherries. Now With Cherries the. marinated pickled in in the alcohol kind of faded. Color. So you can have a cure with or without a couple of chairs in drink gets a brown red color as you would expect and the place where we've just ordered one. was actually invite gallician named espy neither. was. The first shop in Lisbon to sow the beverage After which is named and soon became one of the city's Ex Lieber. Advised by a fire from the Gracia descent Antonio. Espanola made the experiment of Letting Cherries ferment in brandy adding sugar water and Cinema. Success was immediate. Both because it was sweet because it was inexpensive engine genia became the typical beverage of Lisburn and it's true. You can find these little engineer holes in the walls around the city but also probably nicer she and some of the little squares they have these little gin. Yeah. Stems little mini bars inside metal kind of very decorative very pretty on metal round pick a bit like sort of news. Kiosk. Stands the old style ones but they actually settled. Virginia let's go quite a kick to it. Looks Good. Okay. So how long should you spend in Lisbon while we were there for two nights in about two and a half days? I guess I would say warrants a bit more time we can fit and everything, but we would have liked to have done is the perfect city to visit for maybe three nights four days or maybe not five nights and they're also really beautiful places to visit surrounding Lisbon like the town of Sintra. Cash as well. One thing is worth mentioning is language now obviously Portugal Portuguese now when I see Portuguese Richard. I can almost understand. A good level when you see Portuguese return, it looks very similar to Spanish I.

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