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And all the way down there are all trying to figure out who he is and if he's worth going up and getting just say that not all right i got dollars i think he's a fifthrounder he was th pick yyou may all like i dropped drove here i had a decision and make it six we all you'll have do it on a couple of weeks out i'm gonna do it in three or four for weeks again when your mouth or you get decided okay what quarterback owes at six and i it wasn't just a broadway baker because i when i did this hour let me just say this i would say that's broad i didn't even have any idea about broadway seth markman espn you all those that give a great job he rugby sb added that what all the things he does earliest he end with the football division heat text the debbie broadway baker yesterday what is that correct revealed that a jet lies the tigers broadway at set marked methodic as assef gave up with that for me he stole from seth and i'm taking out a little further during the day carr's todd was kind of egging me or ethnic got to get on with odds nerve but broadway i had this brooke rock apec or vague or josh rose than for six of other put josh rosen it's six which i could have been was just a cut fuel that i would have had baker at miami okay editor at all you buy would have been having a discussion about josh rosen and rosen asked the well people over for that reply going 11 isn't going in the fourth round it's it's a it's a high first round pick ed we saw ben roethlisberger twoquarterback start with three quarterbacks were bunched together in two thousand and four and we were splitting hairs their todd between eli philip rivers and ben big ben big band dropped to ten though by trade enough to get him with all the all those two guys when at the top rivers and manning with that suits trade and i was at the top of the draft and then all of a sudden boom boom boom boom always picks are being made no ben rollers pittsburgh center they didn't move this stat and and it.

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