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Industry gm ren frank dunn doing generally you can get those those personal wish list santa claus please god press failure a case where the media is not adequately reporting an important success because it does not fit into the narrative of trumpian disaster in which are journalistic entities are all invested so uh newt gingrich said a a i think based don't just on one week of this columnist for the new york times even though not a trump fan says while one of the things that he talked about campaigned about was the decimation of isis and isis has been decimated the white house has put out a list of eighty one major achievements and i'll go down the list of those with europe quickly or some of them passage of a tax reform bill increase in the gdp up three percent creation of one point seven million new jobs cutting unemployment of four point one percent record high the dow jones a rebound of economic confidence at a 17yearold high prioritising women owned businesses with some five hundred million dollars in small business administration loans up i thought he was a sexist edge rate misogynist sign an executive order demanding that you regulations be killed for every new one he creates an beat that big cutting sixteen rules and regulations for everyone created he withdrew of the united states in the obama era paris climate agreement now many would say that that's not an accomplishment that's a bad thing i see that's an accomplishment he made good on his promise to withdraw from tpp the trans pacific partnership i ended obama's deal with cuba open 17 or i'm sorry seventy seven million acres the gulf of mexico for oil and gas drilling expanded energy infrastructure products like the keystone pipeline snubbed by obama some would call that not an accomplishment but again talking about economic prosperity using american resources and getting america back to work he's a laid out new principles for reforming immigration made progress to build the wall ended the obama era catch and release of illegal emigrants boosted the arrest of illegals inside the united sates doubled the number of countries participating with ice a charged with deporting illegals removed thirty six percent more of criminal gang members um and then a crackdown on sanctuary cities that the fi iit's but got the stonewalled on that by federal judge so those are.

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