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Was that pause there because that is the way Gina thinks. You know what I was thinking. Uh, there's a delay between the button and it actually playing so It's not my fault. You know what I was thinking? Uh, Yeah, so it's so easy. Umm Edie Brickell. Ex spouse abuser, I say, because she She got into an argument with her husband. Paul Simon. And apparently she and Paul's a little guy. We've been married quite a long time. I think now. But But remember they were in court. They had went to court because she liked beat him around, knocked him around. Sounds like they deserve each other. Yeah. I don't know what I think they patched it up and they're still together. Um then this, says Edie Brickell slapped Paul Simon first in a domestic assault that saw both singers arrested because quote he did something that broke her heart. Yeah. He released a new album, and he didn't dedicate it to me. He said that her song overstayed its welcome, right. Yeah, I keep thinking, if you that song keeps going, I'm going to shove her in the water. I'm gonna shove her right into the water, she said. He was acting like a spoiled baby, and you can kind of see that. Why would that be? I don't know. Because didn't Paul Simon? Wasn't He mean to Carrie Fisher? Paul's a dick? Yeah. Paul Simon's a dick period, you know. Is not a nice person, not pleasant at all. Well, he's certainly a great songwriter. Yes, he is has gone on. ET has gone on, too. She wrote that Broadway show with With Steve Martin. Called the Dream Girl of the West or Heart, which didn't get good reviews and didn't Um I think it opened in New York on Broadway and then quickly closed, But people like it because it's they still do it. It's performed in regional theater companies a lot It was. It was here at the Eccles Theater, as I recall. Um, so I don't know much about it other than fiction. With Paul or with Steve Martin. Who I think she didn't. She has not struck at all. What did the new boat Indians and Edie Brickell have another head of any kind? It wasn't just had one other. We played a few. Let's see. One that Z.

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