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Area were the calls of a drone strike by the United States do you think that the United States is at least partially responsible for yeah don't don't you think at least at least partially really isn't this the United we should launch a missile strike against Canada we should we should knock out maybe just take down their power grid for a couple of days or something then the Canadian broadcasting system hires a little lefty by the name of Cady Simpson Katie Simpson are and she really did OJ Simpson now should know she still has her head or something no sheet that Katie Simpson of the Canadian broadcasting company are sixty three Canadians dead because of the the unintended consequences of a decision made by the U. S. president and that's going to be a big question because there have been very significant questions and concerns raised here in Washington about why the United States decided to act why did you decide on top general when it why did you kill the terrorists who murdered six hundred Americans why I don't know why let's go to number nine this is Ali albenza it out all the albums that is the chief of civil aviation for Iran he was asked Hey you turbans Fortin Nick which you shut down this Ukrainian airliner and killed all those people didn't show I don't know more what we can say with absolute certainty is that no missile had hit as I said last night check your plan had troubled while on fire for more than one and a half minutes the crash site shows that the pilot had decided to return to the airport yeah and that and that's why we bulldozed the entire area so that everyone could see that they bulldozed the crash site which has never been done in human history well that since the last time I think Russia shot down a civilian airliner and you know it happens there you go Hey here's some great news if you missed the deadline to sign up.

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