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Um but yet that that is it for the watercooler uh let's get to the news last night the two thousand eighteen golden globe awards were held jacobsen i did not watch for each t was meaning the live blog for the site um so itchy you're gonna tell us what w what happened so i ask unwashed the golden globes of my own volition just to enjoy the in shenanigans that go down but this year was a more sober and sobering affair because of the um the current contra the ongoing controversy around the weinstein fact and sexual harassment hollywood a lot of the actors and actresses attended the golden globes red carpet in all black and with the times up pin which is the movement that s in association with bringing more awareness to sexual harassment and assault in um that systemic in hollywood and i think that the the winners for the golden globes year were huge indication of how powerful at conversation has become so the golden globes this year the biggest winners were three billboards outside ebbing missouri which one of four golden globes went for drama um best actress that specify leading actor and best screenplay um and then the next couple of heavy of big winners were lady bird as well as in tv bigwood allies and henry's taylor huge winners as well so it's obvious that this is has become a preserve prevailing issue especially with three billboards aside any adding missouri and big little lies in handmaid's tale deal dealing with sexual assault and sexual harassment and um that cut those kinds of issues and uh the ceremony itself was uh was hosted by seth meyer's who had a really great monologue at the beginning that dealt directly with weinstein and all of the names that were the man that men that were named during like this ongoing revelations of sexual misconduct there is a really funny willem dafoe reaction wehre that has been going around that flicked him being wideeyed and looking little scared and there would like that's the reaction when your name is called and you don't know why so he made a lot of um jet seth meyer's made a lot of.

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