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Arizona stirred or one of several sbs openings that has yet to be filled when we come back we will have your questions in walk on in our extra points or right after this this week tune into the ball pipebomb show as i discuss delicious taste of oscar show dr larry culpepper hey i'm in the middle of a promo sorry finding the fans agreement so much dr pepper i thought about some of your timeshare care hey look whether you're watching calls footballer combed some guys radio show dr pepper makes college football that much sweeter so grab some of your local store today and have one of ears gore all miller gober show with your host larry gobert that's air france available walmart hashtag walk on that's right the part of the show where you ask the questions and we do our best to answer them you using josh maqri is your mouthpiece josh what do have this got this one guys actually for you in from travis ruis travis is at usc under score travis he says hey can we get rid of the committee keep the playoff but bring back the old b c s computers i have and what are you say oh god no we can't do that no i mean i i'm i'm speechless now we can do that i mean i i love the committee because uh you you know we have people who think and use common sense and we don't know how they're programmed ill with computers we don't know how their programme with people we have a rough idea how their program and video that they wanna use the computers god bless them they could use the computers they have plenty of information at their fingertips but the end of the day i want people making this kind of decision just as they do in every other college sport that was always the the rob with me about the b c s is that now the ncaa to yell for decades has head committees pick the field of every other sport and yet we didn't do it in football so uh now where you're absolutely are not bringing back the computers brad your thoughts will die one of the big problems with the computers in the b c s is that they were basically neutered which is that they were not allowed to look at the scores of the games which i think is.

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