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Stays by edict by the pen. Of Mike Brown. I picture that pen to be more of a quill. He's got the ink and the giant feather that he's rightness of acetic with offensive line coach Jim Turner Receivers coach D Line coach. Another assistant on the defense won't be back as well as the running back running back Coach for the Cincinnati Bengals. Mo Eggers here or he owes 3 to 6 Week days on ESPN. 15 30 pretty much does everything else around here, Mo. What's going on? Funny how you doing? I'm doing. I'm doing fine. I'm glad I'm out of the Bengals coaching staff. But somebody saying probably more qualified the law. These didn't Zack tattoo when he came in two years ago. These areas, guys Specifically Jim Turner. Jim Turner is a guy that he had had Ah, private working relationship with and he's kind of the coach that he insisted he had to have the offensive line coach. And it simply didn't work out didn't work out for a slew of reasons. This always felt like the most likely outcome right like they weren't going to move on from Zach Taylor, but they were probably going to move on from coaches and the guy that we were pointing the finger at was going to be his offensive line coach. And so it's gonna be interesting to see what they do with that position specifically, but I think the bottom line is they've got to get better players and you know as much as we talked to yesterday, all day long about the decision to bring Zach Taylor back, which sort of obscured the game on Sunday. It was actually some significant news that went down on Sunday because the starting center Trey Hopkins, so I think you might be able to consider their team's best offensive lineman introduce a CL, which just compound The problems on that offensive line and adds to the lengthy list of things that seem has to address this also, yeah, with that beating in the end of the season, you kind of forgot that that happened when he went down like the least, is the last game of the season. No more misery there for whoever the quarterback of the day maybe, but you start looking at the lineman and a C. L's and now you're pushing it back in the next season. And what do you do now? So the the inequities upfront. Are magnified by the fact you've lost your main guy who sent her there for the foreseeable future. Yeah, and it's you know, to a large degree. This is why the Zach Taylor news that the moves that he's coming back for 2021 sort of leaves me unmoved. Um, if they announced that they're moving on from Zach Taylor, you could certainly understand why, right. He's got a worse winning percentage. A huge accident. Dave Shula. He's won six games in two years. Um, he simply hasn't won enough, right. You could understand at face value why any team would move on from a guy who's won six times over two seasons at the same time for May. Many of these roster issues that we continue to talk about predate Zach Taylor. We're going to spend the offseason wondering, how are the Bengals gonna fix the offensive line? Well, this will be the fifth consecutive offseason. We've done that The old line has been a problem. Going back to 2016. It hasn't mattered. Who the head coaches. It hasn't mattered. Who the offensive line coach is. It hasn't mattered to the offensive coordinator is they haven't been able to fix the offensive line. And so if you go down the list of things that this franchise has to get fixed this offseason, but no higher new head coach or new assistant coaches and I guess Lou and a rumor is going to come back as the team's defensive coordinator, according to what I heard, Dan Hort say on Bangles line last night. I think the thing that leaves me unmoved about the coaching decisions is the fact that the roster has remained largely stagnant. Yes, they got Joe Borough, which is fantastic. They've got their quarterback. But if you look at the list of issues that this roster has they predate Zach Taylor, which tells me that no matter who the head coaches next year, those roster issues are gonna linger until it changes made in the front. So I believe what you're saying is, and it makes sense. Okay, We keep Zach Taylor around for another season. What happened in the first year related man? Because see with the other trying to figure it out. But the pieces together you get Joe Borough. You only get him for 10 games of the last two seasons. So is that a fair shake for Zach Tanner? However Mo, I'll ask you the first question. I asked now a second time. Did he pick these guys? When I ask you that the first time was about his assistant coaches are again fired. Now masking the assistant coaches have any say in the guys that are drafted? Who was that on? They have a say, You know, everybody that works in the football department has say, but when the Bangles air good and we're getting further and further removed from when they were good Duke Tobin gets a ton of credit right here about how greater job Duke Tobin has done. Duke Tobin a great job assembling all those teams they had from 11 34,015 when they're bad. We just want to point the finger at Mike Brown. And look, there's a long list of issues that Bengals fans should have with Mike Brown. But to me, that's where I start. I start with the person in charge of putting together the lobster. He's not the general manager, but he is the team's director of player personnel. He is the fact that the general manager whenever anybody wants to assert Hey, look, the Bangles are cheap because they don't have a GM. People with knowledge of this franchise chime in, clap back and say Not what they do. They just don't call him the general manager. That person is Duke Tobin that the person putting together the roster. That's the person making player personnel decisions, and some of them have worked out. They draft the tea Higgins last year. There were a lot of people who said Don't T. Hagen Teddy marvelous rookie season. They did make a big splash and free agency last year, and I don't think it's anybody's fault that it didn't work out. They were on lucky. Trae Waynes got hurt. TJ reader got hurt. It didn't work out, but at least they tried. But again, this is five consecutive losing seasons. That is any turn it e in the NFL five straight losing seasons with roster issues that again predate Zach Taylor. Does Zach ever say and its composition of the roster? Of course he does. Does he have a say in how the personnel on the roster is gonna be used? Absolutely. That's the job of a head coach. But again when some of the issues that plague this year's team go back to 2016, I think to a degree. It's really unfair to hold the head coach primarily responsible again if they would've moved on from Zach Taylor. Fine. He has no track record to speak of. They lost 25 games over the last two seasons. Um, there was a lack of innovation on offense. The whole team felt clunky this season, especially once job. Earl got hurt. If they would have moved on from him. No problem there. But as soon as we would have danced on the grave of Zach Taylor, we would be left looking at a team that isn't very good. There's a talent gap between the Bangles and the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. And now the Cleveland Browns, and I think a lot of that is largely independent of the head coach..

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