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Said. They've gotta methodically moving down the field as opposed to some chunk plays. They need a couple of explosive plays to really get him going, whether it comes in the running game or receiver and a catch and run Something big has to happen here for no. Today, you hit on it in terms of staying on schedule on their terms and right now down 21. That's tough to do Sprint right on second six for book as he has to burn it and throw it out with the pursuit and few options opening up for him and a flag is down. Aspiring young was coming after he and book firing Young, the soft, more defensive end from Mississippi for Alabama. Personal foul roughing the passer defense number 47 15 yards to the previous spot automatic first time youngest flags for roughing the passer. So that's 15 yards and a first down for Notre Dame. A little love tap may be a little late, but no, you wouldn't a whole lot of harm there and you just can't be a half step or take two steps and then deliver after Quarterback has already gotten rid of the football, but Notre Dame luckily in book is up. He's back in the huddle and right back, ready to do some work. They're moving right to left, trailing by 21 3 receivers to the right for in book his tight end, the freshman Michael Mayer, split to the left, hiring Williams, the running back first down and 10 from the 44 yard line. Or 25 remaining here in the third quarter book out of the shotgun. Four man Rush drifts back. Here comes the pressure and he is absolutely mauled and Thorne down my Christian far more. Was like a Mack truck falling on him Fix Sacha loss of 15 led the team and sacks with six this year. And I mean, he just absolutely whips right guard Tommy Kramer swims both He and the sinners, E. Corell. And right into the arms. Rosie and Books Book.

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