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And it's basically people that have babies are you know when we have new babies we're really all and drama mode and we just spend money like it's going out of style and we wanna do such a good job as a mommy and daddy and that's wonderful and you should but now buying a whole life policy on a little baby would be stupid buying a tiny little how ally policy on baby would be tiny bit stupid but it's still be stupid and buying life insurance from a baby food company would be stupid so there's a lot of stupid going on here no i wouldn't do it would not do it hope that helps you nathan's with us in san francisco hi nathan how are you i'm doing really well thanks for asking dave your show thank you how can i help by giving me advice your infinitely smarter with money than i am at least now that was wondering my wife and i were planning to move to grand rapids michigan we bought a house there and we we all about two hundred and twelve thousand dollars on the house it's worth two hundred eighty five we bought it a year ago put twenty percent down and we since then i changed plan and are going to remain where we're at in bay area here near san francisco really how did that out of that change your plans for wow we sat down and looked at money something that we hadn't done and we realize that even though the cost of living here in the bay area is what it is we pay about forty thousand dollars a year and rent and we we realized that the difference in income between here and there was well over i think it was over like sixty thousand the huge difference in in income you bought a house in grand rapids before you discovered this it's really funny when you say it like that but yes that i don't that we originally was the house up for sale it's not that's why i i wasn't sure well oh so you're not moving to grand rapids why would you need a house in grand rapids we have we have renters they're rental housing rapid you live in san francisco yeah my parents live there and we're generating four hundred dollars five.

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