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Used car next to a new car fits way cars best visit fit small dot com for a liable pre owned vehicles you can trust that's the fits way Dave dildy traffic Man it has been windy Here's Michelle Grossman A mixture of sun and clouds this afternoon the winds continue to blow We'll see temperatures falling So into low 40s and then eventually the 30s by this evening you factor in those gusty winds It will feel colder than that Tonight a clear and cold night less wind though lows 24 to 30 And then Saturday we'll be dry mostly sunny windy once again We'll see winds gusting to 45 mph at times as a cold front moves through a little more cloud cover too but it should move through dry highest 42 to 48 wind chills in the 30s Sunday lots of sunshine cold less wind highs low to mid 40s and then Monday enjoy it because we're looking at a really nice day that pick day of the week before rain arrives Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday So Monday mostly sunny and mild with the light breeze Highest upper 50s to low 60s I'm storm team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman Well certainly like cooler than yesterday as those winds kick up and the temperatures fall were at 46 in roslyn we've got 42 in Laurel and 46 in downtown D.C. on brought to you by long fence 20% savings on fences Dax and pavers go to long fence dot com schedule your free estimate today Two 11 It's really hard to believe the closing ceremonies for the Winter Olympics in Beijing are this Sunday The games have been dominated recently by the saga involving Russian figure skater Camila valjevo who was allowed to compete after testing positive for a performance.

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