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Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. 7 28 married Bomba and the W T O be traffic center. All right, Jenny. Here we go. Starting out on the Beltway. We've got delays now on the outer loop, running westbound from 95 in Maryland and 95 running south to get onto the outer loop of slow. This is due to a work zone. The work is past 6 15 New Hampshire Avenue exit 28 stay far to the left to get by over the Northwest Branch Bridge. It's actually so foggy now we can barely see the lights out. They're as so what exactly is blocked? So that's another cautionary tale. There's going to be dense fog in locations. Be sure to give yourself a little extra time and stopping distance and use your low beams. Now this is the break away for the Beltway after the Northwest branch before University Boulevard, the on Lee issue and in Maryland, Interstate travels light otherwise, Couple of water main breaks, however, to watch out for 3 55 Rockville Pike still divert South bound between Nicholson Lane and Edson Ling. Just about a block. Follow your detour there. And for 10, the East West Highway, both ways west of coals will road the West. Bounds. Diverting eastbound has a single lane getting by. We're checking now 50 out by the Bay Bridge, which that's running pretty well. Both directions. They discontinued any work. You've gotta normals early Saturday morning configuration. If you will, to Laynce each direction, fog not so bad in the beginning cameras but always caution across the bridge. Now we're checking inside of the belt. We've got tree work. It's on Canal Road and they've got it ConEd off. If you're coming inbound across chambers, you have a lane. If you're coming inbound from the Clara Barton Park way you'll be forced out on the chamber ridge here you could catch 1 23 heading south bound and your next exit would be the George Washington Parkway to continue. You're south bound trip. If you're heading to the district be advised. We've got a lot of streets, closures and parking restrictions already in place from the Capitol to the mall to the White House all across the mom Constitution and independence. That means Main Avenue coming off the freeway. All of your bridges so far are available on the West side from Virginia. With limited access. K Street is also effective closure. For a full list. You could go to w t o p dot com You have the 14th Street Bridge the freeway in the Third Street Tunnel. All that stays on affected now inside of the Beltway. We had an earlier crash Eastern Avenue. Cheer for that should be cleared, But we do have a new issue, reported Baltimore Washington Parkway, South bound. Just before 1 75 watch for disabled vehicle Married to pump a w t o P traffic Now to something for our meteorologist Brianna Berman solo Saturday looking gorgeous. We do have a few low clouds to talk about. Watch for pockets of patchy, too.

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