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That, right. Even then, the exclusionary policies of many banks and brokers and our laws ensure that only a few African Americans would get a toehold in the housing market. Before prices zoomed into the stratosphere. Which is why many argue that the wealth gap now is too large to seriously address without moving decisively to correct an old justice. If I'm not mistaken, 13 back during that short spell last school where every slave free supposed to get False lead. 40 acres and a mule. In 18 65 as the Civil War wound down President Lincoln ordered General William T. Sherman to come to terms with America's newly emancipated citizens. So he and Secretary of War Edwin Stanton gathered a group of black ministers that ask what they wanted. Garretson Fraser, a Baptist minister, who purchased his own freedom some years before spoke for them on land, he said, Have it, turn it Kill it would sustain them and even leave them something to spare chairman then issued an order allotting the newly emancipated a 30 mile track held by former slaveholders from South Carolina to Florida. Divided into 40 acre plots, and then he promised the army's help in supplying mules. Tens of thousands of free people settled in. Then we're driven out because President Andrew Johnson overturned order way had a promise that was taken back way holiday with me. Well, me being around heart black. I want my body you Thus was that promised parcel in the American south, recompense for centuries of barbarism clawed back, even a slave holders were compensated for the loss of their slaves. It took the agonies following reconstruction. The trampling of basic freedoms. The unbridled the exploitation gleefully executed lynchings to spur the historic exodus of the incompletely emancipated. Spring where.

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