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Yes you could get whatever you want it but it almost like self limited itself to haller people really were willing to actually do that ed but what that did was because there was a user experience barrier that's what actually helped open the door netflixing come along because what would netflixing did is it made all that hassle of finding the content download our yet storing it showing on your tv networks took care of all that for you they went and did the deals to get the content they did put their absent every devices here there and everywhere and they all you do sign up and and convenience works convenience wins and the number one reason why i choose halted the push a piracy was convenience and number one reason why streaming which will get you the moment wins is because a convenience and the reason why nef aqsa come in and and be successful is because it was convenient and people will pay for convenience because it makes their life easier it's so easy adding geeks in particular get so long enjoy free verses paying something but at the other day money's not the end i'll be all like if you're providing value people are happy to pay and convenience is a very real value that you can provide the convenience point i i can't echo enough i think is one of the things that's come up so many times i think what's interesting is how the dynamics of how video came to the internet is is so different from audio or music came to the internet and it didn't put that the video creators like the studios they never ended up in a position for other reasons you just talked about they never ended up in a position where that backs were against the wall that i never really learnt any of the lessons i think they thought it would be insulated for good and what netflixing net flakes was almost the one that launched the lesson that you just described which is that people will pay for convenience and as a result of that they came along they made it super easy like as they when they introduced their streaming service when they evolved up from landed up from just mailing out dvds they made it super.

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