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It will resonate with people in both places definitely sparked fighting of writing and he's very good so just loft lay before we go to acuna i mean i say qna could just be thoughts about the film that we can own locked together but if anyone listening this is going out in the poll cost as well wants to move to a different city oh they've been thinking about it for a while or is just something that they sometimes daydream abou i mean what would your advice spe kind of one single bit of advice if anyone's thinking about uh to sink pit fn vice would be to do it because i think there are a lot of people who as you say dream and fantasize and daydream about life in another cac and i think if he's gone as far as that fantasy than this an element of your personality that is yawning to be somewhere else and i think indulge it and if you can afford to um just take that leap because it can be terrifying and even if you fail and you have to crawl harm in a couple of weeks or a month um i think it can be the most sort of world expanding both literally and figuratively experience that you can have especially as someone onto thirty who has the freedom and the selfishness where afforded when we don't have kids in a family if that happens to be a personal circumstance i'm kind of like so i know i'm being selfish just like you know sleeping in on weekends and travelling the world and doing what i want to do before i have that kind of responsibility in moving cities was part of that so i would just encourage anyone to give it a go.

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