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Numerous accusations of sexual misconduct the billionaire has denied the allegations published last month by the wall street journal his company stocks have tumbled ever since today the wind resorts board of directors released a statement saying they accepted the founders resignation also breaking tonight organ governor kate brown is calling for the resignation of state senator jeff crews after an independent investigation vowed he sexually harassed women at the capitol our sister station in portland reports this investigation also found after cruz was warned about this behavior it escalated still no come it yet from crews the state's legal marijuana industry is gasping for help tonight growers say the state's new tracking software doesn't work and that's brought business to us dan still couple israel marino spoke to stay regulators about the complaints he's live in seattle jolt paul mary these state got one major malfunction straightened out in some commerce has resumed they say now the problems of yet the show up at shops like diego pay fair but groer say without a quick fix the impacts they'll be industrywide the leaf is having no internal glitches because this new system that are causing things to miss migrate overseas from the data and it's just it's stifling business tax will is beyond frustrating he hasn't been able to make a cannabis shipments search thursday the state rolled out the leaf datasystems cracking software that many growers say is rife youth glitches by law cannibis transactions must be track from seed deseo grower say defects in the new system is left them with inventory backlogs they can't.

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