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Rockies at citizens Bank park, Saturday, KYW's, John Johnson has more Aaron Nola return, the form and affiliates to two one win over the Rockies here in south Philly price. Hopper gave his as the earliest of leads with a monster. Home run over the wall in center in the first inning on the mound dole would have hands down his best outing of the season tying career high with twelve strikeouts through six innings pitched would return approaching one hundred pitches in the seven allowed back to back extra-base hits before getting yanked. Here's gape Kappler doesn't Crinan soup. He's not thinking about the last outing that he had, he's already onto the next one. And I think the reason that we saw him come out like lightning today is because of the work that he did between starts set. Simple and the. The of that work reporting from citizens Bank park, John Johnson, KYW, NewsRadio Saturday night, Major League Soccer. The union battle the Seattle Sounders to a scoreless tie. Eagles defensive end. Chris long used Twitter to officially retire after eleven seasons in the NFL the last two with the eagles. The eagles congratulated long on their Twitter account on an incredible career defending PJ champion Brooks kept guy heads into the final round of the PGA championship. Sunday afternoon at twelve under four players are tied for second. They are seven strokes behind Kapka and yesterday, the one hundred and forty fourth Preakness race winner was war of will. And for the first time since nineteen Ninety-six the Kentucky Derby winner, did not run in the Preakness as country. House miss the race due to illness from sports radio, ninety four WIP RJ McKay for KYW NewsRadio. It's six oh.

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