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Touchdowns 95% in the Red Zone a year ago. They let the big man so let's see what Petrus cooks up here is, he said two receivers to the left two to the right. Smith, Marchetti wide left, snap Patris Quick throw tolerates out of the end zone leaping grab Touchdown. Iowa, Brandon Smith rates sound of the end zone holes in the touchdown pass from Beatrice, the first career touchdown pass for the sophomore. And they're Smith is eight career touchdown. Hawkeye's cash in on the turnover. Six. They didn't take any time They saw him one on one coverage out there and their right to Smith right away. I was a beautiful thrown ball with only one guy could catch it. And he climbed the ladder came down with it. There's a duck in on for the point after touchdown. The kick is good hot guys with a one play seven yard scoring drive, Brandon Smith. Seven yards for Beatrice and Iowa Grabs a seven Nothing lead 11 36 to go here in the first quarter of play, so they lock eyes. Take advantage of the Wildcats first turnover of the season. Again. You you really have to identify where that one on one coverage is going to be. And I think there's no question that Spencer Peters did a great job of scene that Brandon Smith was one on one. He went right there. He examined it, and he executed a throw absolutely accurately on on time. So should act will kick off for the second time guys grabbing the lead. The Wildcats drilled early three Nothing against Maryland that scored the next 43 points. See what they do here is the ball is blown off. T Northwestern football is brought to you by WINTRUST official Bank of northwestern Athletics and Chicago's banks. You know that the defense forces of three and out there feeling good about things and right back on the field for a one play, Dr. Rice. Jackson is back for the Wildcats. Here's.

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