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They are words like g z z is e according to peterson there may be thirty one of them because there's thirty one different categories right off people who are trans and they all want their on pronoun they don't want to be referred to as he or her or him or those words like his the canadian government is issuing edith government officials have to use these the words peterson said i'm not gonna do it i'm not gonna do it government cannot compel me to speak a certain way government may be able to ban me from saying certain things but they are no compelling me to say certain words this is gotten him a lot of attention and people are now listening to amount a lot of other things i'm going to share with you you're going to hear an audio of an event that occurred several weeks ago at another university in canada in which he was disrupted and then offered some interesting comments to the audience about it and the reason i wanted to do it today it's for those of you who are listening to the first part of the program yesterday we talked about yesterday being the day that people employees have companies all over the country including our own were denham to demonstrate their awareness of sexual assault and i was ridiculing this saying that the only reason anybody was doing this is because they wanted to be seen wearing their denim so that they can oh i'm against sexual assault look at me aren't i wonderful in other words that's not to a doggone thing to address the problem of sexual assault let's take a problem that's out there and turn it into a positive image gathering thing for me look i wearing jeans i am against sexual assault aren't i wonderful itself indulgent and i think ultimately sickening.

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