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He also conducts some chemistry experiments on his own. But that's for later. Meanwhile, Madame tequila visits Ellen court and confesses that she had been used by the powers of darkness and that court made a deal after he died. He. Come back to life and make a statue that the demon saga would transform into a new body and then grant court eternal life upon success. If they can just find the body and remove the ring before sunset, it will all end the go to the mansion despite it being almost sunset and without nora's. And discover the tunnel the missing dead bodies and court who kills Madame juquila. But let's Ellen go free Norlisk arrives with plan. Let court finish the statue. He will surround it with a circle of blood and when Sargon comes to life. He will sit the blood on fire, which is an impenetrable barrier for supernatural beings. The plan works in the studio was burned down the charred body of court, but not saga f- is found. There is no answer to the disappearance of David New Orleans on tape one perhaps on tape to is publisher begins to listen. Okay. So the reason that we are looking at the Norlisk tapes and to be fair we should have done. This tween coal check than. Zz Docker and the night stalker. But circumstances prevented us from doing that. Namely, I forgot. But the reason we're doing this is because a little bit of backstory the movie the night stalker came out of January nineteen seventy two was a huge hit and ABC who had the movie wanted to series. Actually they wanted to series of movies. But nobody liked that idea. Dan curtis..

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