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But it felt like it was looking at me not just looking at me. But really seeing me, and I looked back at this creature with its Brown shell cracked skin and large dark eyes and thought to myself that it had come along at that moment for a reason, I'm not a spiritual person. But I had an pithy that one sea turtle helped set me on the path to feeling whole again. Diane, shade Smith edited and published her daughter Malary's memoir, it's called salt in my soul. An unfinished life. Didn't really matter whatever she was doing in the ocean. She was always at her happiest. That's our show for this week. The pulse is a production of WHYY in Philadelphia. Our health science reporters are Allen, you list, hung jets Lehman and Steph yet we had production assistance from Julian Harris, Charlie Kyler is our engineer Lindsey Lazar ski is our producer Tanya English is our editorial director, I'm Mike and Scott. Thank you for listening. Behavioral health.

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