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Of the season 3 any good i have it on beer my talk when a seven one everything entertainment in the walls give them the moon's and really the income dern yeah we have a threshold sri today it's donna and steve on my talk 10 seven one everything entertainment we this is our first in studio guest ever steve so far oh jolly the show is very new yes indeed won't you it has been opened up here's what we wanted to know i mean our show oh hour russia original gaza your we all have our back row commercial how wonderful so everybody's talking about all sorts of super bowl festivities that are happening in and around the twin cities but if maybe just maybe there are some of you out there who just aren't big sports fans and you're kind of maybe you check that out this past weekend now you can check out of it officially we would suggest something different it's called the toxic avenger and it's opening night is this friday and we have one of the stars of the show put on by minneapolis musical theater kim cubans is in studio with us now hello kim all right so let me ask you very generic question right off the top which is the toxic avenger i've never heard of it apparently based on a a cult classic corrects found from 1984 okay kaufman film and add it's it's a film no it might be some people's cup of tea it might not be not only of my opinion but what works sean row of this of this play that so putting up this friday night it could be a little sifi could be oh horror it could be it's comedy occur i read the i actually read the synopsis and i was like this sounds really funny i n its egg involves new jersey i e and i aim was born and raised in new jersey so i was like oh let's look into this a little more incidentally could givens yes also from new jersey and new jersey but moved minnesota when i was five so i do have that minnesota my family has the new jersey and right so boy mother was from south irish sherri saw ranch orange howard joker rents yeah either or at so there's this new jersey connection more specifically there's a bon jovi it at a hearing aid helped me know joe di pietro and david brian who are the writers of the show.

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