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I am Evan Lazard joined as always by Adam curtain and today we have a very special guest with us. It is Mark Schofield from all over the place these days now Mark, I always lose track of where exactly the tag you in there. So you can just fill it in Pats Pulpit or the winter. I don't even know where it is anymore Volkswagen to touch down wire at USA. Yeah. Like I said, yeah we agreed they should big move. You just just follow me on Twitter if you feel like have Mark school, but if you'd known I understand to look I'll try not to drop any Curtis Weaver takes in case that about all the time line, you know, the third round defensive ends is really what gets people going in this page. A process. I'm sure our quarterback takes which is obviously why we have Mark with us here today is going to be just as fiery and I'm a bad host. I should have known all of your different website affiliate, but I don't know what either so it's no big deal. Don't worry about it. But yeah today we are going to talk quarterbacks with the quarterback Guru himself and I'm very excited to do that. And we want to make sure we're going to get right into it cuz we got a lot to talk about and we wanted to start with the quarterback at the top of draft and to attack of Aloha who all of a sudden looks like he might not be at the top of draft any more than Michael Barty reporting today that there is a couple of teams that have already failed to as physical so mark my question is for you is for this actually not about his health, but just in terms of to as a project is he all the hype that we hear? You know, is he as good as everybody says he is. I mean, I think if you take the medical stuff in strip it away whether you have Borough one or two one like you can make sure Is for either one of those guys at the top of board. I mean, I have Borough one to it, too. When I watch too. I see a quarterback that does some things very well. I see a quarterback. That's an ideal scheme for a Modern Life Coast offense, cuz that's basically what it was right under Steve sarkisian, you know with a love RPO stuff, but it's stuff..

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