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Tacitus, JIM, Danny discussed on The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast


You're gonna be alone on the lead. When I say on the lead. I mean in front I think he'll have a host of them right behind him chasing him, and you know, tax two three four starts back debut was on a lead. He's always been forwardly placed than last time. Not that Brady and Joe via ran away from them and puts a lot of separation between. The front two and the next two who were tax Tacitus. I think Danny thinks he got beat because Tacitus had a better trip than he did. I think tax probably hit a trip Tacitus did. Definitely you can find listen. They're a worse longshots out out there. Sources by arch out of giant's causeway, man, he's gonna be a big number on the board. He's always been competitive. He's got plenty of foundation with a couple of mile in eighth races under his belt this year alone including and then one last year in a room. So he's got three mile in eighth races. I haven't done them math on that. I'm pretty sure he's the only one that's three mile three just off the top of my head under his belt. Yeah. He is. He's the only one with three mile Neath racism. There's belt so. That's like sorry. That's good. Yeah. Another horse. I like is a win win win. His last performance closing against those front runners, really like the way he closed and got traffic to really big there in the blue dress. He's a little slow for me. I think he's a sprinter. Your biggest problem if this the kind of year where it's kinda hard to talk anybody off horses. I think your biggest problem with him. Josh, thanks for the call. You're not going to get what you should get on win win win. And maybe you have a different price in mind that I have I look at win win win. I feel worse. One three times. None of beyond seven furlongs. Yes. He's making up ground at the end of turn races. But he still never won around two turns his to turn races are considerably slower speed figure wise than his one turn raises especially as best one turn race. I just don't think he's that good. The problem is everybody and their cousin. Love the move. He made in that bluegrass and for a horse that I look at his form. And I say to myself I want thirty two one on that ores. If I want about it. I don't wanna bet them. But if I would bet them if you said to me, what price would you take on win win win. I wouldn't take a dime less than thirty two one. You got no shots in thirty two. One win win win win win. And Jude wrote up good point yesterday in the afternoon, by my standards, been the other horse that's gotten a buzz as a wise guy horse. And he's in other words, I look at him. He runs third maiden racist three times. He runs second or third and maiden races three times. He wins his fourth start. And then he wins a very mediocre Louisiana derby, I need thirty five to one on him. And he thirty five one win win win. They won't be more than twenty twenty two. Now, you could say. Be very happy with a forty five dollar Kentucky Derby winner in you'd be right? Anybody would be happy with a forty dollar when in any race. This you know in this race these horses are their prices. They should be. They will they won't be the prices. They should be should say if the tote board plays out the way, I think it will, you know, talking earlier to to Jim in Delaware. Jim talked about spotting how I spot their horses. Those wiseguy horses are easy to spot as well. Especially in this day and age of social media. I mean, I almost had a win win win for my Twitter feet after the, you know, it's very rare you see a horse like a coma win by three and a half lengths. And you got more people talking about the second place horse than the winter. So it'll be interesting to see.

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Tacitus, JIM, Danny discussed on The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

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