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Up. We're gonna be sending somebody to Jacksonville, Florida see the Packers and the Saints. Who would have thought that this game is going to wind up there. But that's what hurricane ID it into the big, easy to the point where the game had to physically be picked up and moved. To a completely different venue and be interesting to see who is going to be there in the seats. Who's gonna have the home field advantage, But we're doing our part with West Bend the silver lining in WTMJ, sending to fans very shortly to that game Sunday. Pre game starts at noon with that man there, Brian D. Yes, Opening drive starts at noon. Very excited to get the season underway in a big way in your right team. We're doing our part. We're giving at least two like there will be at least two fans were in green and gold at bare minimum. Big thanks to our friends in West Bend the silver lining for making it happen all season long, hooking people up with these amazing trips all around the country and to Lambeau Field for the home games as well. 20 years it's been going on even last year when we had covid to deal with. We worked around it. But now it's back in its original incarnation, the one that we really enjoy this actual sending of fans to the venue that the game is being played at Brewer's 3 60 coming up next, a little bit of a twist this time a little twist. Normally we have good buddies that cover the team are on the air jumping in to give us kind of where The Brewers stand, and obviously things are pretty uneventful for the Brewers. Right now. They're just coming along with in series with the post season on the horizon, hopefully and Magic number down to 10 Division championship hopefully going to happen here sooner rather than later today that we're going to chat with our teammates from our sister station, ESPN Cleveland Aaron Goldhammer. He's going to take us inside. What? Bob Bucher as Harry Doyle still means to that city and that fan base with the Brewers taking on the Indians tonight at 16, we can share a little Mr Baseball with the rest of the country. Can't there's enough to spread around 8 13 brewers 3 60 years Next sports with brandy sponsored by your Southeastern Wisconsin. Chevy dealers visit Wisconsin drive chevy dot com Chevy Truck month and Chevy offers a full line up of trucks and accessories to help make it your own. Make your Silverado boulder with a sports bar and bed liner. Make your Colorado.

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