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John Belsky telling us some parts of new Albany got three inches of snow through all this roads for the most part are rapidly improving Scottsdale with your Joe Giacobbe, no in the control room. It is Kentucky on a Saturday. Morning news. Stay with us as anything changes. Yeah. John Belsky saying three and a half inches of snow in Jeffersonville three inches falling in new Albany. And the roads really primarily slushy crews have been out doing a great job. Andrea Clifford telling us that they're pretty much coming along as usual some accidents along the way in and around Joe getting reports if you're heading up to Indianapolis around there, sixty five is a slow go pretty much looking at the latest on the maps once you get I want to say right right past Cruthers Ville, maybe on up to just as you get past highway fifty there and on your way to Indy. That's when it starts to slow down. Down a little bit as far as seventy one. If you're heading up seventy one towards the Cincinnati area. Just after you pass Campbell's Berg, that's where it starts to get. It starts to get a little slow it slows down there. And then if you're coming down seventy five from Cincinnati to the Lexington area, it looks like areas just just south of Crittenden on down through to. I guess you come down a little bit further. Maybe almost a Georgetown. It starts to be a slow go. But outside of that Joe saying people that are in the immediate Louisville area are flying along no problems at all doing the speed limit and just wet roadways. So stay with us here at News Radio. Eight eight forty W H S, we'll keep you posted on everything you need to know there is in addition to the weather. There is so much sports going on right now as promised let's get to some of those girls high school basketball scores last night. It was number eight highlands up ending assumption..

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