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On how you buy event while show we've had some breaking news i started israeli choking on the air and conspiracy 'cause i was really struggling with app was really good uh we did a great conversation with mike lombardi dan he can i'll give us his theory on sort of the order of the college football rankings and where team there trend trending as it relates to the playoff but we haven't had a chance to do any nba talk and so this now will be the opportunity to the voice of executive producer adam clue does a great job you're on the show to give you five things we think you need to know about the league sure sure sousse five one the cavs are off to a three and four starts of the season they've dropped three in a row including losing it at home by 19 points last night to the lowly knicks this after losing to the nets last week thai liu called last night's loss unacceptable mantyla just bring in that arcor was the ma nice cool uh i have mixed job the perspectives on this on the one hand every time since laurent became or nearly became for began his championship journey starting with his first year with the he his teams of underachieved early when they have been new team they were nine an eight under air expulse or that first year and a lot of consternation walsh sri refired emitted nba finals lebron comes home goes back to cleveland and as late as january fifteen th that first year upon the return to cleveland they were under five hundred nineteen and twenty katherine alert when a bunch of games make an mba files but these sort of awkward starch always do underscore some problems from growing pains that manifest themselves in the playoffs they did that first year of miami in a collapse against dallas and they did against the warriors team the just absolutely dominated another didn't have career kevin love to be fair but i think probably vis rocky star tells us why that we already know about the cavs they're going to be fine in the east they're gonna be far from fine in the nba finals and often is worth adding when things go really badly for the braun he's been known to change teams number two the warriors aren't off too much better of start they find themselves at four and three and draymond green got into a kerfuffle with.

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