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The XFL the two largest markets matched against one another the LA Wildcats doing the traveling going three thousand miles to New York where the guardians were waiting and ready to pounce back here first goal would do you believe me with the call on ABC television the guardians pick up the victory at home seventeen forty that was one of the two games played in the air XFL on Saturday the other one St Louis knocking off Seattle twenty three sixteen this one played in Saint Louis Anthony Salter on ESPN radio's game night impressed with the way things are going for the battle hearts on and off the field the St Louis battle hawks pick up another victory their third in four weeks twenty three to sixteen over the Seattle dragons and Mike I don't know how much you have locked in on the XFL but why I do radio do local radio here in Saint Louis and I gotta tell ya if the XFL can kind of bottle off wood St Louis has brought to the table and and put it in other markets this thing's going to be sustainable looked up the product on the field it is what it is you know you're not gonna get the NFL level play but it's competitive and in a market here in St Louis where you know as everybody knows the the NFL laughs left at the second time this time there it really burned the city and I gotta tell you being at the home opener last week watching the game to win today the St Louis absolutely loves the XFL on I think a lot of that certainly has to do with again the fact that the end of the left and it burned the city so they've gotten behind the very first football team that was born in Saint Louis but it has caught like wildfire I walking around downtown St Louis last week might I saw people that grown men and been bird costumes there's no tail gates yes multiple for head to toe bird costumes for the battle ox tail gates it honestly what it felt like walking around downtown it felt like the battle oaks have been there for forty years and this is just what people do it was the first game what's wrong with bird office I got a feather boa on right now coming up on Sunday on ESPN to the DC defenders in Tampa against the vipers seven PM eastern yeah on on ESPN two coming up next here on sports center all night who says you can't go home again one HL team is doing just that this is SportsCenter all night on ESPN radio and the app your computer your phone just tell your smart speaker to play ESPN radio ESPN and your co that's where your window really is next year after that making a decision on a quarterback and you maybe start it all over again of course what did Kansas city C. no way in hell this guy's going to be ten years travesty stays here for ten years it's only by the good will of Ted Phillips and Ryan pace that should only white did you miss something the cast waiting for all the all the E. S. P. N. Chicago nine years ago weekdays new details on ESPN one thousand Chicago's home for sports okay forest animals today's a new day kids are coming to the forest and it's up to us to make their visit a good one sparrow yeah have you practice the most popular bird songs for the year catching highlight it okay river did how's the temperature to refreshing fifty two degrees man perfect for little riverside shoeless relaxation good how you hear cool cool cool I am look you know the drill sleep during the day scare the kids at night perfect.

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