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I got a boy. How am I? What is the window Look like with this. What is the window? Yeah, aspires this rain runs. It looks like quite a bit on the radar there. Yeah, I finally got a downpour. Rain in my house yesterday. Miss me in every single scenario, like three different times today. I got And Peter Berg got poured on for about 30 minutes. And then the sun came out and I'm looking to the West, and it is getting pretty dark again. Out towards West Bend them heavy down, pours out in dodge Kind bond, like ripping her getting heavy, heavy rain. A lot of lightning. No severe weather yet and there were to be any of the issue would be some small hail. Otherwise, these are just a lot of lightning in a heavy downpour coming through in by the time we get to 7 38 o'clock, he should be done because they are Quote unquote heat driven. Yes, it's still going to be very warm and hot outside at eight o'clock, But we'll lose some of that gun energy to keep things going. So these old he will dissipate pretty quickly this evening. What is the rest of the week look like Brian, Uh, about a 20% chance of rain tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day that we're gonna have the less chance to rain looking for highs in the lower nineties because we're not going to get those rain showers popping up with the cloud cover. Even actually around 100. Thursday is the best chance of rain in the afternoon so brain thunderstorms are likely high temperature of 90 Friday. A few spotty showers. Temperature of around 87 then you're looking for some of that relief. A cold front will come in here Friday night. Two points for offense with lower sixties for the weekend. That's still considered human. But it's not this steamy, suffocating air that we're getting right now. So it'll be lower eighties and a little bit less Human Co v. Very comfortable. That's typical July weather. Thank you, Brian. Stay cool. You, too. This portion of the show powered by Winegar compressor ready to service any facility 24 7 and pressure is off dot biz. Wisconsin's dairy farmers were on the most important industry.

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