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The history of when steve jobs and we'll be in the show notes when when in the eighties back in steve jobs first tenure at at apple how he tried to build like a world class factory for macintoshes in the u._s. this is one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and it didn't work out for a number of reasons and we can talk about that but there's a quote in this article by tony fidel who is one of the people behind the ipod and then later the nest you know smart thermometer and other home devices he has his quote where he says during when i first started my career in electron ix all my fights were japan then all my flights were to korea then taiwan then china there is evelyn over time where you know in the sixties japan was the way we saw china in the nineties or two thousand where it was place for low skill low low value added manufacturing where but then over time the japanese moved up the value chain and became more and more sophisticated in their manufacturing techniques and they began doing not just fabrication but you know manufacturing like design manufacturing and then eventually moved further up the stack to are in indeed and then eventually their wage rate went high enough that it was frankly too expensive for people are offshoring to them and so then those companies dan moving to korea and same thing happened to career that taiwan china von that way so it's almost like this article is fascinating but it's a it's a snapshot in time of it's a very dynamic thing you know i and i don't think either view saying this nor does articles has but it's not a static like oh china's always going to be serve cheaper low cost option and fact it's still it already isn't that some of the things they're talking about in this article or at that in at the factory at the manufacturing place in texas they had delays and confusion about where products were because there they didn't have the staff and the skill necessary to oversee the production that was so complicated whereas in china they have a bunch of people who rise expertise is making sure everything is where it's supposed to be and the like the the skill that is built into the industry in china is they have just years of experience making this happen in a way that we don't have in the united states so you're right it's not just a matter of like oh yeah cheap labor it's this is they have learned how to do this in a way that is official and functional on they have expert skilled labor that we don't have that's an excellent puts moon it makes me think of this this long running debate among the communists right let's say the the communists of you know go wherever cheapest school like like a discount school of economists on the one hand right that's the sort of investment school of economists on the other hand right so the discount folks a hey i mean if you know your your lunch is all the same quality in the same convenience why would you pay an extra three dollars for lunch if you.

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