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Okay there unless that was a throwback to earlier in the show. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Bill that haunt you for three and sixty four. Yeah, I'm gonna play Derek Portland. Again. I think he's our winter. Then I'm gonna let you know, Jim Nance will join us. I want Jim to hear our winter. This is Derek in Portland a little while ago. A soft breeze meanders down magnolia lane. No, no, no, no, no Spanish, one Morio Barrick in Portland. Ooh. Looks like Mary lost today's contests. Yeah. Let's bring in Jim Nance while we can't hide Jim. Good morning. Hello friends. How our friends? What I was hearing there. Does the voice quality was definitely there. And a copy was good. And welcome on. What has turned out to be now of beautiful sunny day at Augusta this morning. We arrived showers, and then we're an hour. So son Russell with the clouds on the end. Now, we are ready to get the second round. Underway. Well, it's well done. See? That's how you do it kid right there. Jim Jim Nance sound contest a couple years ago. I know. Really truly is on the air is okay. Jim. Here's here's our winter. This is our winter this year. He's. Here we go. That doesn't quite sound like. Lovely. Tone to the voice, you.

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