Phil Rucker, President Trump, Rush Limbaugh discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams


It's already happened. I'm going to read your own writing back to you a number of Trump's supporters advance the false flag theory on social media and talk radio arguing that the potential explosive devices may have been sent by liberals with the intention of reversing the mob. Argument and painting Democrats as victims of unruly conservatives. I want to show you a photo of Disentis rally said to be of the crowd in Florida tonight, lower right, fake, news fake bombs. Phil Rucker as this already gone around the world of politics, while it's gone on the air on Rush Limbaugh talked about theory on his show that millions of people many of them Trump supporters around the country, listen to and he's just one of many conservative talk radio hosts and pundits. And and people with big social media following who have been advancing this false flag theory throughout the day. I don't think it's going to go away. It's important to point out. And I think most of the viewers understand this that this is not a theory based in any concrete evidence of any kind. It is right now completely unfounded. We don't know anything about who the suspect is or suspects. It could be multiple people or group of people. Who sent these packages? We simply don't know waiting for law enforcement to tell us one thing Brian. I think is worth pointing out you mentioned you played that clip at the beginning of this segment about the president saying it's time for people in the political arena to stop demonizing. Their opponents talking about them as morally deficient. I mean, this is a president who campaigned for the better part of two years by calling his political opponent crooked crooked Hillary, so perhaps follow his own counsel. But he's the one who has created these nickname couldn't help. But notice of device arrived at the office of low IQ Maxine Waters today as well. Hey, thanks to our panel. And let's take a minute to to point out that but for an apparently inept bombmaker, we could be covering such a very different night in America tonight. But we are blessed to have with us Phil Rucker Joko oven and Robert Costa coming up after a break, the governor of Ohio, John casick joins us to talk civility in politics. After this unsettling day..

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