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Him. That's who I want number two. Jim caldwell. Gazing? No. Although I did see another former Detroit lion guy available now Billy Bob cooter. Jim idiot. Let's get him. Jim Bob cooter. Coach of the New York Jets. He's available but not linked to the jets. Right. Here's another what Eric b enemy. Intrigued enough. Yes, I've been treated really. Yep. Here's a guy you owe in you and only, you know, this name from the Cowboys this, Chris richer or Chris Rashard? Richards right on my Chris Rashard. I don't know. What Richard's means Keith Richards is evasive spelled Richards. It's I did I see it wrong. It's spelled like, Richard. It's cloud Rashard for work here in New York. Chris Rashard, Chris. Yes, they love him in Dallas. I bet his real name is Richard. Rich were sharp sharp right struck the s box offensive coordinator. Todd monk intrigued really are because their offense is up and down the field five hundred yards a game. So if I give you these three options cherry in your you've been assigned a Moorhead head owner of jets because the the other Johnson. Trump put him in. In london. Yes. Right. So I've gotten front of you, Jerry and your decision of the you can have Mike McCarthy. He's interested in wants the job. Right. Eric b enemy want the job. You're saying if he said, yeah, the job. Okay. And Michael Symon Todd among kin you've got to pick from those three. What happened to Rashard? Took him out. I just confused using his name is Richard. I wasn't sure if you were intrigued or not I am, okay. So Christopher shards. Which.

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