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Tour boats to see the spectacle of lava gushing from the killer way of Keno exploding when it hit the cool waters. Of the Pacific got more than they expected when one of those blasts hurled a, lava, rock at their. Both The, sound of, that, raw crashing, through the, boats roof one woman suffering a broken. By dozen other passengers hurt coastguard ordering the tour boats to say further away from the. Lava slides from now on to members of the. House freedom caucus, written Justice department, inspector General Michael Horowitz asking him to investigate the deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein on charges that he tried to intimidate staffers on, the house intelligence, committee allegedly threatening to subpoena, their phone records and emails congressman Mark meadows and Jim Jordan say to committee. Staffers are prepared to testify under oath that they believe. They were threatened during a. Meeting of Justice department documents former FBI. Attorney Lisa page answering more questions Monday for two house committees investigating FBI the FBI Russia probe judiciary committee member congressman Darrell Issa says like agent Peter Struck before her she deflected claims of bias she kept wanting to. Reduce her importance she went on at length about how many people Change between investigations and how how there were too many, other people for, for her per se to, have had an influence police in Houston are searching for, a suspect in what. They are calling a, one man crimewave this individuals that's. A personal interest in a. Minimum of three murders home invasion and. Another aggravated assault attempted murder that happened this morning Within aggravated assault robbery of a metro bus driver accused in police chief art Esa. Vado says Jose Gilbert till Rodriguez is believed to be armed and dangerous recently released from prison on, parole and they say he cut off the ankle bracelet Was supposed to, monitor his movements on Jack Callaghan FOX News Radio NewsRadio, KLBJ good morning I'm Eric like, Austin voters. Will get a say November on the land use rules rewrite code next order from Travis county state district judge or Lyndon. Ron hose says the city must put the ordinance on the, ballot after a petition with over thirty thousand signatures was submitted attorney Fred Lewis. Says in the eyes of the law since it's in draft form now there, is no codenames judge to speculate about whether or not the council whatever passcode next and, then asking the judge to speculate what it said when she. Declined it's uncertain how this will affect upcoming council and mayoral. Elections but Lewis calls it a victory for the citizens Austin's mayor Steve Adler is boasting. More than half a million dollar war chest for his reelection campaign while my oral candidate. Laura Morrison reports more than one hundred twenty thousand dollars for hers next unveils plans to begin construction on a new bypass at twenty two twenty two and three sixty work should begin by the end of the year in the seven. Million dollar project should wrap up by the summer of twenty twenty the KLBJ radar weather watch sunny and hot with a high, of one, hundred One get Austin news on demand NewsRadio KLBJ tie Good morning I'm John trout this. Is America, in the morning from Westwood One news it's Tuesday July seventeenth, twenty eighteen coming up on..

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