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The buffet. They're so good. Everything's great. There. Let the Cosmo. This is all we're we're talking about hair makeup and food now. We will actually we're going to have to do that. We'll tell them. Hey, we want to do like a national radio show from the sweet in the cosmos like yeah. Okay. The summer where we can have like a pool party. And like do we should do a poolside party? Yes. That's also totally need to do that. You see we started this out. Sarah's all serious, and then I put the kabosh on it. And you this is the Sarah price. I know. I knew she was there. We just had to pause for second. I knew I totally get like total professional or just because the other way. But when you get to know me, the more and more like like Reese millet, he always gets onto Eric. He's like teacher friend, how to talk and she's like, no, that's Sarah. That's what makes her who. She is. It's funny almost like she's the bad ass off road, racer persona, and she's like a goofball. Everybody is we all have a side both of us are talking heads. But then you get us off of it like whenever I call in for Jim show. He's like Tiffany don't say anything yet. Because some of the funniest things we say is before a hit record. And so we started to it just all good segments are off air. I'm like we literally when you're going to do the show. We cannot talk before we just hit record a minute. Because it's like, you never know. What the heck's going to happen? Yeah. Exactly. That's awesome. I feel like we've taken Sarah so much. Sarah's time right now. I know she got fourteen minutes to get to her signing you, and I need to find a jacket in between that unlike scouting already like. Might have a jacket. T shirts jackets. Yeah. I'm sure I'll find something someone around here. It's a friend. And be like, hey, can I borrow your jacket? I won't give it back to you. But can I have this? It's because yesterday after qualifying Casey Mears, so I raised with him stadium trucks. You good friend of mine. We're hanging out and he was cold yet. Only a shirt on in. So Craig Scanlon was like, oh, hey, my jackets to jackets in one. You want some of it? And like I just walked by with like his jacket Bill on. Didn't get the memo on that I needed to give that back to you over your sweat shirts and hoodies off of the Polaris staff because Casey's walking around with. Yeah. It's like we're in this vicious cycle here. Oh, it's great. Hey, I'm gonna go. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed today's show. Big thanks to Chris Leoni. Four colony into the show and helped me out of those power aching surprise. Craig Scanlon stuff can tarot. Oh, you guys for tune-in. Hopefully guys enjoyed what you heard, and you know, what it's time to celebrate the atom curl show..

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