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To fifty is the time in wsb news coming up at the top of the hour so i was reading some things about a tom king junior already extending like a compromise offer to governorelect phil murphy anina the inc is barely dry in this election and i don't blame the man for doing this but it just goes to show you how much the gop knows they're in a buying here because joe murphy hasn't really need them the the the democrats have control of the legislature and he's already offering to budge on the minimum wage maybe not all the way to fifteen buddy sangok don't do this but then we'll give you a much higher minimum wage and that's why i think it's going to happen so when it does a fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage what do you think is going to happen in jersey john and flemington you're on new jersey wanna 15 high guy not only time king junior was offering a leaf so i we i sat in um and i can't remember who uh did this but the the retail association the restaurant tourists offered said hey how 'bout m sub minimum wage like new jersey's always had uh for training purposes and you know they said absolutely not it's going to be fifteen dollars an hour we don't have to listen to you so that's maybe where the tom king junior proposal will go um but uh i worry for my 17yearold an 18yearold who you know they're working right now but they are nowhere near fifteen bucks an hour and will the next group the kids you know be able to get a job learn how to show up for work and responsibility.

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