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Program. I'm Gloria Duffy, president and CEO of the Commonwealth Club. I was honored to serve as a deputy assistant secretary of defense in the 19 nineties. Now it's my pleasure to introduce today's distinguished guests. There are many issues today surrounding national defense in our military. Should the military be used to quell domestic unrest, such as the recent protests should the U. S be terminating many of our arms control treaties and even contemplating resuming nuclear testing? Should the names of Confederate military leaders be removed from U. S military bases and their statues be removed from our public places to address these questions and many more. Today, we will have a unique conversation between two recent secretaries of defense Dr Robert Gates and General James Mattis. As a bipartisan secretary of Defense Secretary Robert Gates served under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. He is the author of a new book, exercise of Power, American Failures, Successes and a new Path Forward in the Post Cold War world. Dr. Gates was an officer in the US Air Force and spent 27 years at the CIA. He served a CIA director and became the first career officer and the CIA's history to move from entry level employee to head of the agency. Secretary. Gates served as a member of the National Security Council staff in four different administrations and for eight presidents of both political parties. For his numerous professional contributions. Secretary Gates was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian award by President Obama. He is also a three time recipient of the Distinguished Intelligence Medal. One of the CIA's most prestigious honors. In conversation with him today is General James Mattis, General Mattis served as our 26 secretary of defense from 2017 to 2019 and is now the Davies family distinguished fellow at Stanford University. City's Hoover Institution. General, Mattis served over 40 years in the Marine Corps. Starting as an infantry officer. He later served as commander of the U. S Joint Forces Command and his NATO's supreme allied commander for transformation. General Mattis also directed the military operations of more than 200,000 soldiers, sailors, Airman Coast Guardsmen and Marines and allied forces across the Middle East as commander of the U. S Central Command. He commanded forces in the Persian Gulf War, the war in Afghanistan and the Iraq war. He's been out, spoken recently about the president views of military troops in domestic unrest in Washington. Please join me now in welcoming Dr Robert Gates and General James Mattis for this very unique conversation. Well, thank you, Dr Duffy. It is a pleasure to be here with the Commonwealth Club. The club it's been devoted to finding truth and setting it loose for over 100 years. And in that spirit, I'm especially honored today moderate the club discussion with former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates about his latest book, exercise of Power, which he uses lessons from the past to craft a new path forward. A guide to America's role in the world..

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