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But it was it was higher. At six or so. But so there's we remember it anybody who's been survivor pools knows familiar with US remember the saints of loan options driver full last like a few within the last year's of. Last year, they did escape Monday night against the Texans barely breathe this year before that they lost the James. In the box either week one or week two may lost other years. So how about this they failed to cover six straight season openers one in five straight up. So they've lost five of their last six season openers and keep saying quarterbacks vaccine code. So the last ten years there one, eight, one, eight s openers. Last six years weeks one and two. One in eleven eighty. S to ten straight up. I mean, this is a team that's been the gold standard, right the ship, the Super Bowl. Few years right with the Rams boggle last year with the Vikings up. They've been right there. They're the gold standard breezes and the MVP discussing couple years ago and they are losing openers can't cover a single game start here. Well, they should go to the super bowl two years ago I mean they got totally robbed in that. NFC. Championship game against the Rams in New Orleans. But yeah, they've got some slow starts I can remember I. Think it was that. Same Year they lost opening opening week to this Tampa Bay team with the Great Jameis Winston a quarterback, and then he should have lost in week two to the Cleveland Browns but the Browns missed an extra point to keep them in the game. So the saints have been known to get off the very slow starts. There's no doubt about that tumultuous off season in new, Orleans as well. So I I do think books will need the saints to show up here and it's going to be a monster handle game in the afternoon, a lot of money coming in on Tampa Bay. Could you your rg three performance for Washington based on the saints? Two. Thousand Twelve. Back. Back you WANNA go. Thousand Twelve. Yeah. Yeah good point. Okay. So yeah that's be a big handle game and then Sunday night as well. Got America's team against L. A.'s team Dallas Lane three on the road in the new new stadium in. La. Yeah. Everything's GonNa Roll to Dallas in this game. Don't don't be surprised at this number goes even higher we were to about a week ago or earlier this week we went to three even right now in Dallas I think you're gonNA see three flat on this game. A lot of the parlays all. Survival said I'm not gonNA say Oh, we're going to go to the Dallas cowboys on Sunday night. Dallas very trendy pick this year a lot of people like them. They finally got rid. Jason Garrett. I'm not a big Mike McCarthy fan personally, but I anybody's an upgrade from Garrett. Cobb was very trendy pick. Yeah. So I think the cowboys are GonNa be really good this year and like you said, I'm not big on McCarthy, but he's an upgrade over Gary. Even if Garrett what was it like bumbling stuff this things at some point you need like a clean slate like Andy Reid, I'd go get out of Philly. At some point, he kind of needed like turn things over because in college the players turnovers, you don't get stale like you do in the. NFL. So I think at some point just as they as time adjacent gear with to go especially when you're eight eight with a team that back. So I'm I'm big on Dallas, gallimore returns. So there's some continuity with the offense which just rate last year and add CD lamb so they're going to be even more phone. I'm just not believing like the rams are that good I don't believe in Jags off I don't believe now he's he's going to be okay at home with buffet and all this. But I think you have to lay before you do anything this line.

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