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Call a local Allstate agent and get a quote now let's clouds out there now we should see some late days on effect maybe some mid day sun but our high today is seventy five overnight tonight is down to sixty then we warm up to eighty one for Saturday with a chance of rain and some sun on Sunday with a high of eighty six less number eighty six of last September maybe right now fifty seven seven hundred WLW seven hundred WLW sports FC Cincinnati has a new head coach his forty seven year old yup stomp who at one time played for Manchester United and was known as a world class defender Pat Brennan who cover soccer for Cincinnati dot com talk with lance McCalister last night about Saddam's ability as a coach I think it's fair to say that makes the sixth sense but he had mixed success in some of the toughest most competitive leagues in the world it pretty well for himself in the second division in England which some people argue including myself is that multiple skillful league in the world but the one of the one of the topics there if not the top athletes in the world because you're fighting to get into that English premier kia Major League Baseball the players union continue to go back and forth on how to get to twenty twenty season started the players union wants more testing than the league recommended in its sixty seven page proposal another issue the two sides need to agree on is the number games they will play here's the cubs Ian happ I know that both sides think that somewhere between sixty and and a hundred games where we want to land I know that the the proposal had eighty two in it because that gives us enough time to get the postseason and which is really where dealerships only can make a lot of their money back NFL owners will vote next Thursday in a radical rule change proposed by the Philadelphia Eagles instead of trying onside kick teams would have the option of attempting a how to convert a fourth of fifteen play on their own twenty five yard line if they convert they keep the ball if not the team takes over at where the plight ended NASCAR's coca Cola six hundred take place Sunday in Charlotte you can hear the race beginning at five on foxsports thirteen sixty bell terra park opens for horse racing on June fourth without fans and patriots owner Robert Kraft auction off.

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